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Coming off of his Summer’s epic spectacular, flight of fantasy, salacious Adam and Eve themed gala at his Castle in the Hamptons, Sir Ivan the caped  “Peaceman”, talked about his current hit, “Imagine”, that has reached the top of the charts, as well as a brand new hit to be released shortly.

In case you’re  not yet familiar with Sir Ivan, he is one of the major philanthropists donating time and money to the LGBT community and victims of bullying as well as those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….and  he just happens to be a pop recording artist. A very dazzling and larger than life personality, he created an organization called “The Peaceman Foundation”, where his generosity is catastrophic.

That was some amazing party, Sir Ivan.
Did you have a good time?

I did! I especially loved your portrayal of God!
I played the role pretty well huh?

You were an awesome God.
I like to make my parties unforgettable.

That you definitely accomplished!
I had several film crews on it. Wait until you see the movie of it. The whole world will get to see it. I have a major film crew working on it, it’s going to be a major production. It’s only going to be about 5 minutes, but still, it’s going to be a very exciting five minutes. My favorite part was the snake pit, with the 100’s of snakes with the people on the dance floor. My favorite was the snakes everywhere.

I wore one all night. My favorite was your performance of “Imagine”.
I couldn’t see it, but I was hoping it would be the high-lite. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but it’s peaking on the charts all over the world. I’m number 9 in the UK, I’m number 9 on the Commercial Pop Chart. Coincidently I’m number 9 in this month’s DJ Times. I’m number 1 in Serato’s That means I have more downloads of “Imagine”, of the “7th Heaven Radio Mix’, then the other songs in the world, by all the DJs in the world. Serato is the largest software DJ company in the world, headquartered in New Zealand. It was very exciting to see myself as number one, it’s the first time I’ve ever charted as number one. So to be top 10 on three different charts simultaneously, means that the song is going to be around for a while, which is good. It may still have room to grow in different markets. We’re pretty excited about it. It had a great run on Sirius XM. Channel 3 on SiriusXM is a top 40 channel. This song was on full rotation, they were playing it over 50 times a week, for 60 weeks, and it rose to number 14. That’s probably even more significant than the other three charts I mentioned. Other artists on the top 10 with me where Selena Gomez, Usher and Calvin Harris. In the Dj Times, the other artists were, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Sia, Sean Paul, and Rihanna.

That’s incredible! What’s next?
I’m working on the press release right now, no one knows this yet except you. My next song is done, I don’t have a release date yet, it’s called “I Am Peaceman”. Instead of singing with Taylor Dane, like I did with “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye”, this time I’m singing with Debbie Gibson. So it’s “I Am Peaceman” by Sir Ivan, featuring Debbie Gibson. It’s a fantastic song, sort of about who I am, and what I’m doing, and how I’m trying to change the planet for the better. If I had to describe what it is similar to, it would be a fusion of LMAFO and PSY. It’s the first party song that Sir Ivan is  doing. It has a peaceful message, part of the lyrics are about the world turning their guns into peace signs, but the spirit of this song has a party vibe to it.

Sounds like an anthem.
Yeah. Debbie Gibson said her gay boys love it and people will go crazy on Fire Island next year.

Now you will have to tour and make television appearances.
I’d love to tour. I’m talking to a major producer about a reality show. I’m still looking for the right Publisher for the book of my father’s life story, so they can turn that into a movie….

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