Luminary pop sensation OH MY JOSH proves once again why he was voted Get Out! Magazine’s 2011 “Entertainer of the Year” as he kicks off his 2012 summer tour.

OH MY JOSH (aka Joshuah Michael) is splashing across the mainstream music scene with his own distinct brand of incredible talent and undeniably electric presence. The singer-songwriter, acclaimed choreographer and international pop/club recording artist is known to churn out songs that are an irresistible mix of part commercial top 40, part underground NYC dance beats. The video for his latest single “Drug Thru the Mud” debuted early last month and is making waves within the LGBT and mainstream music communities. His creative involvement and personal commitment to every detail of this summer’s Digital Love 2.0 tour could make it his most exciting labor of love yet.

The blonde phenom’s undeniably unique way of bridging the gap into mainstream success as a recording artist transcends anything the industry has seen until now. It could be the perfect combination of genuine talent, impressive star power and undying passion that makes OH MY JOSH so thrilling to watch. One thing’s for sure – you can’t take your eyes off him.

On the eve of his 23-city summer tour, we caught up with the Jersey Shore native as he dishes on everything from adventures on tour to his fist-pumping preferences.

It seems like you have been performing everywhere over the past year! In your travels, what is your favorite city that you’ve ever performed in and why?
I would say New York, because it’s basically my home turf. So besides here, it would definitely have to be Las Vegas because the fans are so supportive. Some drive four and five hours to see my show and are in the front row with “Wah Wah Wah” written on the palms of their hands. I absolutely love my West Coast fans!

Tell me about your upcoming summer tour!
A: I’m so excited about this! It’s called the “Digital Love 2.0 Tour” and we will be traveling to 23 cities across the U.S., as well as a few shows in Europe. We hit the road in the beginning of June and will be performing everywhere from nightclubs to concert stages… it’s really going to be something!

Tell me about your upcoming summer tour!
I’m so excited about this! It’s called the “Digital Love 2.0 Tour,” and we will be traveling to 23 cities across the US, as well as a few shows in Europe. We hit the road in the beginning of June and will be performing everywhere from nightclubs to concert stages. It’s really going to be something!

We frequently hear from other artists that life on the road can be tough. How do you stay sane traveling from city to city?
You know, in the beginning it was hard to get used to. There are times that I still get homesick, missing my own bed, my family and my pets, but you have to just take a deep breath and remember that you are experiencing something that very few people get to do. So of course I call home every day and tell them about my crazy stories and adventures, then I get ready for my performance and just enjoy every minute of it. The thrill of performing is definitely worth a little time away from home.

Speaking about missing home, tell us a little bit about what you like to do in your down time when you are not on the road. Do you ever hit up the whole Jersey Shore scene?
[laughs] Sometimes I’m guilty of a little GTL and fist pumping, but I try to go out to more low-key bars along the shore. As bizarre as it may sound, I avoid a lot of gay clubs because I like the feeling of anonymity when I go out with my friends from home. When I’m not touring I like to maintain a calm and relaxing lifestyle, and I really value my time with family and friends. No matter what, I’ll always be up for going to my hometown bar and seeing my old high school buddies. They are going to laugh at me for saying this, but I love B-town!

I have personally seen you perform live, and aside from your undeniable musical talent, your moves are incredibly electrifying and innovative. How do you balance your career in music and still maintain your success as a professional choreographer?
It’s definitely not easy. I’ve been performing since I can remember and choreographing for the past 10 years. As cheesy as it sounds, I know that it’s my love for dance and music that drives me, allowing me to balance both. It’s an honor to be able to work with some of the incredible talent that’s out there right now. It definitely takes a lot out of you, but you’re either workin’ hard or hardly workin’!

I’m dying to know – who designs all of the fabulous outfits and costume pieces we’ve seen you wearing?
Oh, Lord! If you only knew the half of it! [laughs] You may not believe it but I actually create the concepts and design a majority of my outfits and costumes myself. I never really did well in art class, but I’ve always been passionate about fashion, and I really enjoy the design process. I have a pretty wild imagination, so I’m always trying to come up with edgier and more original creations.

Aside from your own tracks, who are the top-three artists on your iPod right now?
My taste in music is pretty diverse. I like everything from top 40 pop to alternative rock, but my true love is house music – I can’t live a day without it. So my top-three DJs would be Armin Van Buuren, Thomas Gold and Offer Nissim.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the release of your latest video, “Drug Thru the Mud.” What some people don’t know about you is that you’re creatively involved in every aspect of your projects, from the songwriting to costuming, choreography to concepts. Personally, what was your most memorable part of the production?
The entire process was quite an experience, so it’s hard to pick one specific memory. But, there was an incredible moment that sticks out in my mind. We shot part of the music video right outside of the ABC building on the Upper West Side, and just as we began to dance we noticed so many people watching from the windows above and lining up on the sidewalks, taking pictures and videos with their phones. The excitement in their faces and just having that energy on location was something magical. That’s when we knew this video would be something great!

Well, you seem to be a very busy guy. What can we expect from OH MY JOSH in the coming months?
We have lots of surprises in store this summer. But, what I can say is that I have a brand new single coming out at the end of the summer, as well as my next music video, which is absolutely stellar! Look out for the release parties in New York, Philly, Miami, Las Vegas and L.A., as well as the upcoming tour dates. I can’t wait to share all the exciting stuff coming up with my fans! It’s going to be out of this world!

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