Rob Williams Gay Murder Mystery

Rob Williams has been referred to as one of the most prolific independent gay filmmakers working today. Over the past decade, he and his life and business partner Rodney Johnson have created a cottage industry of popular independent gay films through their production and distribution house, Guest House Films (

Williams has written and directed seven feature films, which have all resonated highly with international audiences, both LGBT and not, starting with their 2006 debut of the hit comedy “Long-Term Relationship,” which shares the story about a young gay man who tires of one night stands and decides to focus on finding a long-term relationship. Eight years later, Williams is releasing his newest film, a sexy gay murder mystery titled “Out To Kill,” which is currently on the film festival circuit before it heads to DVD this fall. Arguably Williams’ most popular film has been “Make the Yuletide Gay,” his 2009 gay Christmas comedy starring a number of well-known actors, including Gates McFadden from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and Canadian cutie Adamo Ruggiero of “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

For his work, Rob has been named as one of Instinct Magazine’s “Leading Men” and was honored with a career retrospective at the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in 2012. Guest House Films also has released a series of gay-themed short film collections, including “Black Briefs,” “Blue Briefs” and “Green Briefs,” with more on the way, as well as a gay-themed Australian documentary, “The Doctor’s Wife.”

Rob, what can audiences expect from your newest work, “Out To Kill”? How is it different from your six previous films?
“Out To Kill” is a completely different genre for us – a murder mystery – but one that we love. Audiences can expect a different kind of story than they’ve seen from us in the past, and hopefully, something different than what is available in the gay film marketplace today.

Is there a core message you strive to get across through your films?
My main goal is always to entertain viewers with films in which the characters are gay but that is not necessarily the central issue in their lives.

Has there been a particular moment of your filmmaking career thus far that has resonated on an emotional level with you, and has validated for you why you have decided to create films for gay audiences?
We received tremendous feedback on “Make The Yuletide Gay,” especially from gay teens who were inspired to come out to their parents after seeing the movie – or sometimes, who came out by watching the movie with their parents.

Do you feel there is a difference between creating films with gay storylines or characters as opposed to films for straight audiences?
For me, focusing on gay audiences means creating storylines and characters that they can relate to, and creating positive role models that are often missing from gay characters in “mainstream” films created by straight filmmakers.

What’s next for you and for Guest House Films?
We are working on our next film – no details available yet! – and looking for more short films to showcase in our “Briefs” short-film compilation series.


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