What was it like growing up in a mob family?
It had it’s perks and drawbacks.

Mob Wives viewers love you – from your loyal New York City gays to housewives in the Midwest. Why do you think you connect so well with viewers?
Because I keep it real and I’m the no drama mama that respects everybody.

You seem to be the peacemaker and the calming influence on the show. Does it work? Those ladies are feisty!
They do listen to me because they respect me.

I’ve heard you will be getting your own spin-off show this year. Tell us about it.
The show is a day in the life of me, which includes my family and friends.

And you’re also making an appearance at the Pride: A Deeper Love loft party during Manhattan Pride.

How did that come about, and what do we have to look forward to at the event?
Anthony Caggino got in touch with my sister Janine. They went over all the details and set everything up for my birthday! I was so pleased to be a part of Gay Pride. My birthday, the parade, Michael Hades and Jerome Farley! I can’t wait to hear their music!

Anything else you want to tell your LGBT fans?
Be yourself. Come out and be happy always and fuck everyone else! And for all the homophobic haters, GET OVER IT!

Watch Big Ang on VH1 July 8 at 9 p.m.!

Big Ang invites you to Pride: A Deeper Love to celebrate her birthday with Michael Hades and Jerome Farley on June 24 at MIDTOWN LOFT AND TERRACE – 267 5th Ave., noon to 7 p.m. Watch the Gay Pride parade in style! wantickets.com/prideadeeperlove

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