Playing the Quartz

By Ben Nelson


NYC’s favorite cub hip-hopper Bryce Quartz has released the second single from his upcoming The Sextape EP.  With the rapper’s powerful vocal delivery and colorful lyricism set against simple instrumentals, “C*m Pirate” evokes the barebone trap sound that had a chokehold on the rap industry from 2016-2018.  “I want to make sure everyone knows I’m a rapper first and a faggot second,” the artist explains.  He’ll show off his skills with performances at Rockbar NYC and The Cutting Room.  We spoke with Bryce Quartz from his home in Astoria.

What do you have in store for your performances?

Bryce Quartz:  At Rockbar, I’ll be performing with one of my sexy rap friends, Chris Conde. Hi Yello, another NYC queer rapper will be performing too, along with the bearded beauty drag queen Rhiannon Nichelle.  The Cutting Room show will be a longer set on a bigger stage than at Rockbar, but at Rockbar only, we will premiere the NSFW version of the “C*m Pirate” video. The only other place to view the video will be on JustForFans for $10.

Any reservations about releasing such a graphic video?

BQ:  Not really.  Everyone is gonna gag over the “C*m Pirate” video.  It stars me and sexy porn actors Brooklyn Bear, The Rhino, and Tango Foxtrot.  Who else is making their sexy raps come to life on camera in music videos? I don’t miss a single line while getting railed in that sling or while taking that large tentacle dildo to the knot. 

What do your Southern Baptist Christian parents think about your music?

BQ:  We aren’t on speaking terms so I actually have no idea, however, I’m 100% positive they’ve heard my music and keep tabs on me.  

I’m sure they pray about it every night and in their prayer groups every Sunday too.  I love being the hot gossip topic of a Southern Baptist prayer group, let’s be honest. 

Are you living the NYC dream?

BQ:  I grew up in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina but NYC is the first place I’ve ever lived that actually feels like home. Every day is an adventure, and I’ve learned to love the good and the bad experiences. The food, the men, the opportunities, and the music are all a dream come true!

What haunts and dives can we typically find you in?

BQ:  Every now and then, I hang out at Albatross in Astoria because it’s close to home. The monthly bear party there hosted by Lacy Stoner called Beef is one of my favorite bear nights in the city.  I will occasionally frequent other bear nights like GoldiLoxx and Bear Naked, but, truthfully, you’re more likely to see me at Krispy Kreme in Times Square when the hot light is on.

Are you ever on Sniffies?

BQ:  Absolutely. Sniffies taught me all the right glory holes to find love! Funny enough, I legit am falling for a guy I met on Sniffies now. It was love at first d*ck pic! He’s definitely gonna read this. Hi Daddy! 

Back to life in NYC.  Is it true that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere?

BQ:  NYC is really f-cking hard.  I’ve had two surgeries since I moved here, two stalkers obsessed with me, been evicted from a sublet with a 30-day notice, and bitch, I still love it. I’m glad I trusted my gut feeling to move here because this is where I belong. I get to live in the best city in the world and rap about all the things I love.  What else could a horny cub ask for?

Bryce Quartz performs Rockbar NYC on March 24 and The Cutting Room on April 7.   Visit  Follow Bryce @RealBryceQuartz

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