Personal with Willie Starr

BY JJ Mack

Artistic name: Willie Starr

Age and background: 39 years old, Puerto Rican

Profession: Flight crew, 18 years (since 1994)

What is your passion?: Makeup is my passion. I am a professional at it. I love the reaction of people when they see themselves after I do my magic in makeup on them.

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family and friends, including my beautiful dog Chloe, because they keep me grounded and fill my life with joy. I love to cook, and also painting and drawing, and strolling through the streets of the concrete jungle getting to know all of what New York City has to offer.

Type of men: Honest, loving and caring that know what they want in life. Also with a great sense of humor, to love me for who I am and makes me happy.

Favorite type of music:
I love to dance. It makes me feel good. House, R&B and, when I am feeling romantic, I like to listen to slow jams.

What’s next, or any future plans supporting or working with the gay community?:
I like to support and raise funds for the LGBT community, organizing a number of events to celebrate our cultures, such as Gay Pride, Gay Games and Southern Decadence in New Orleans.

Get Out! Contributor

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