He’s been a longtime supporter of the LGBT community and has always embraced us. And now to show our support to him, Papi Shank will be gracing the stage at the 4th annual Get Out! Awards with a performance of some of his lat est hit s. You see the pictures, you’ll see him perform soon, but now let’s hear from him.

How does it feel to have been invited to perform at the 4th Annual Get Out! Awards?
As you know, I’ve supported the LGBT community for years. I’ve done interviews and even performed at the Pride Parade. But being invited to perform at the 4th Annual Get Out! Awards is an honor as it solidifies the ongoing support and respect between Papi Shank and my LGBT fans.

Your video premiere party is that night as well right?
That’s right, doors open at 7 p.m., but I’ll be in the building by 11 p.m. (after my XL performance) to celebrate the release of the music video for my latest single “I Try” off my new mixtape titled “The Feature Presentation Mixtape,” which has 19 original tracks and is available as a free download from my official site, I’l’ also be doing a special live performance of “I Try” with Kivel, so come BOMB stomp with us and enjoy the show, after we all party at the Get Out! Awards, of course!

Can you give us a little hint as to what you’ll be performing for your LGBT fans?
Well, being that I’m still promoting my debut album “The SUM of Both Worlds, Papi Pt. 1,” which has been picked up by Pandora and Vevo (so you can now make your own Papi Shank radio station on Pandora and watch my album’s music videos on Vevo!), and as I previously mentioned I just released a new mixtape, I’ll be performing a mix consisting of tracks from those two projects, plus something off my next album, titled “Audio Sex.”

How long has it been since you embraced your LG BT fans?
The funny thing is, I celebrated my birthday this year, on October 18, at XL (coincidence!) and partied with family and friends, both heterosexual and of the LGBT community. My girlfriend and a very dear friend of mine Breeze (who is also of the LGBT community) with the help of Roze Black, another good friend of mine, surprised me with VIP service and seating at the “Hot Mess” Drag Show, which was hilarious, and then we all danced the night away. So it hasn’t been that long!

So I hear you’re doing house music on your latest single “Can You Take It.” Tell us about that?
I’ve been into house music all my life, and I’ve even collaborated with house artists who have had Billboard hits, such as Breeze, but I’ve finally released my own house single titled “Can You Take It,” which was produced by international DJ and house producer Eddie Cuesta! #CYTI is the first single off my upcoming “Audio Sex” album, so you’ll definitely hear some of that on December 14!

Does sex inspire your music or vice versa?
I’ve always been very sexual, so a lot of my music does have a sexual undertone, but like I’ve said before, my music is inspired by my life experiences. So yes, sex inspires a lot of my music.

Any last words to your LGBT fans?
I just want to say, thank you for your continued support, and I hope to not only see you all at my XL performance, for the Get Out! Awards, but at my other events. Remember, EVERYONE is welcome to anything Papi Shank is a part of. I love to meet my fans and would love to connect with you all via the social networks, so FOLLOW/ ADD /LIKE me @PapiShank on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube, etc., and don’t forget to join my newsletter via my official site, where you can always find all the latest on your friend, the Urban Latin Pop Sensation!

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