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On Mekahel

On Mekahel is a former underwear model who is best known for his reality show, Putting On. He did the show for two seasons before announcing his exit. He’s also the founder of the menswear line, Mounderwear.

This Pride month, Mekahel is adding pop singer to his resume with the debut of his first music single, “Play with Fire”. Produced by DJ Ran Ziv, the European house and dance-pop track is blazing with emotion and soul. Mekahel says he found his inspiration to record the track from his husband, who he believes to be the most attractive man on earth. “Play with Fire is about that passion people feel, especially in those initial moments of being drawn toward someone they are meant to share a deep connection with,” he explains.

“When my husband and I go out to clubs, we can find ourselves in a sea of people, yet it feels like it’s just the two of us together because our connection is so strong,” Mekahel continues. “It’s like some magnetic attraction.”

“Play with Fire” is part of an EP that On Mekahel is currently working on. He says it was important that he release the song this summer because it’s his way of diving into the music space.

“I had an epiphany last year after some personal struggles,” Mekahel reveals. “It was time to stop doubting myself and to go after my musical ambitions.”

On Mekahel is an all-encompassing entrepreneur. He is a model, actor, fashion designer and social media influencer with nearly three million followers. For two seasons, he starred on the REVRY reality show, Putting On. The series that followed the ups and downs of his personal and business life. Viewers watched as the underwear model built his Mounderwear fashion empire from the ground up, navigating through the many challenges and pitfalls of the competitive fashion industry.

On Mekahel poses in the latest swim gear from

Mounderwear continues to thrive today with On Mekahel recently announcing the company’s summer 2024 collection.

In addition to his fashion brand, On Mekahel also heads a creative agency for social media marketing, specializing in video production.

On Mekahel was born in Israel, the youngest son of a CPA and lawyer father and naturopath doctor mother. “I was that kid that preformed in every school and community event,” he recalls. “The one that would always give a show wherever I was. The world has always been my stage.”

After finishing his army services in Israel, Mekahel moved to New York to study acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. While studying, he was the personal assistant to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In 2019, On Mekahel moved to Los Angeles with his partner, David Cederberg. They married the same year in Paris.

On Mekahel’s debut single, “Play with Fire”, is available now on Apple, Spotify and all major streamers.

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