Night of a Thousand Gowns

Opi N. Yated, Tree, Rachel Rene Rothchild, Madison Mansfield

I had a conversation with soon-to-be new emperor Opi N. Yated; Tree, the world-famous Stonewall bartender prince royale; Rachel Rene Rothchild, Madison Mansfield’s husband as well as a duchess in the court; and Madison Mansfield, soon-to-be empress in The Imperial Court of New York.

So, Prince Opi N. Yated, what is your role in the Imperial Court of New York?
Opi N. Yated: As Madison and I step up on April 11 at Night of a Thousand Gowns, I think of the job as a fundraiser. We inspire our members to raise money for good causes.

What are some of those causes?
Opi N. Yated: This year, Night of a Thousand Gowns will be benefiting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

What do you do when you’re not being a prince?
Opi N. Yated: I’m a software itinerary manager at Google.

How did you get started?
Opi N. Yated: In 2004 I was on the Democratic National Platform Committee, and I had been doing gay rights politics for quite some time. I read the platform, and transgender rights were not included. I called my friend Mara Keisling, who was the director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, and I said there was nothing in the platform. She asked me to propose an amendment to the platform, which I did, and I received an award from the transgender community. When I moved to New York, one of them said, “There’s that wonderful event, Night of a Thousand Gowns—you have to go to it,” and I did. That was history.

Madison, it doesn’t mean you have to sleep together.

Mansfield: No, it doesn’t, but we’ll have many children together.

Tree, what’s your real name?
Tree: Tree.

What’s your role in the court?
Tree: I’m a prince royale in the Imperial Court of New York. I do nothing, but I spend money and have a great time. It’s fun. I’m enjoying my life, and it’s fun. They are the most wonderful people in the U.S. and Canada. I enjoy fundraising. I enjoy traveling. I love when they come to the bar and have parties upstairs. I’m downstairs, but I run up. I try to support as much as I can, but I do work Thursday, Friday, Saturday when most of the events take place.

Where do you work?
Tree: Stonewall, on and off for 45 years.

What do you do at Stonewall?
Tree: Bartend. I’ve been bartending almost 50 years, and I’m only 35.

And you look 25 and hot. Rob, you’re not only Madison Mansfield’s husband, but you too are a member of the Imperial Court.
Rothchild: I’ve been in the court six months after Madison.

What is your title?
Rothchild: I’m Rachael Rene Rothchild, and I’m a duchess.

A duchess. Madison, right now, before you’re crowned empress, what is your title?
Mansfield: I’m a princess.

You sure are. Actually, I think Rob is more the princess. So what do you all like best about being in the Imperial Court of New York?

Mansfield: It’s a community. We’re one big, extended family of our home life. We work hard together. We get to raise money and spend time with one another.
Tree: We enjoy each other’s company in and out of town.
Mansfield: There’s 186 members in the Imperial Court of New York, and about 72 courts across the country.

Eileen Shapiro

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