Moses Universe ‘Dance Till We Fall’

The extraordinarily sexy and salaciously talented pop recording artist Moses Universe will once again showcase his melodious voice and relevant lyrics, live and in person at this year’s Get Out! Awards on June 1. He will be exclusively debuting on stage his brand-new, soon-to-be-released single.

I was privileged to catch Moses while in the gym for a preview and insight as to what we can expect. If you have been fortunate enough to see him in person, or to catch any of his videos, you would know why he is one of my favorite performers.

Moses, how have you been?
Great! Right now I’m at the gym. I’ve been traveling about, trying to promote my release and album. So if I’m out of breath, I’m at the gym; it’s not because I’m having sex. So I’m excited, once again, to perform at The Get Out! Awards. I’m excited to be on the cover, and I’m excited about my new single, “Dance Till We Fall.” It has a military theme, which means we are all dancing soldiers in this world, so let’s dance until we fall.The implication is with war, we just dance till we fall. It’s a dance song. It’s an anti-war anthem.

I love it.
It’s kind of fun. I can’t wait to show the world my video. I got all of my friends to be in it, all the boys…if you know what I mean.

When does the video come out?
Well, we are editing it right now. So hopefully by June 1, for the awards. Hopefully I’ll be able to showcase it. I’m really on a crunch right now. I want to be done by June 1 so I can show it to everybody, so we can sync it all together: the video, the song, the cover. I’m wearing my military attire for the cover. We were a little bit scared to do that. We didn’t want people to get the wrong idea. People who know me will investigate a little more, listen to the song and realize it’s anti-war. It’s an anthem, and it’s about dancing and to stop wasting everybody’s time and lives.

I can’t imagine why you’re wearing anything for the cover.
I’m down. I’ll wear anything but clothes, but I think the world is not ready yet. I have no problem showing my artillery, if you know what I mean.

I know! I know!
We try to change people’s life, make them think. We want them to ask questions, and we don’t want to intimidate anybody. It’s friendly, the song. The single will be released June 1.

Is this the first time that you will be performing the single live?
Yes, this is the first time I will be performing the single. THE FIRST TIME!

So we have a debut.Awesome.
We all have fine-looking camouflage attire, me and some cute dancers. It’s gonna be fun! Hopefully the video will also be done as well. I’m really excited to perform at Boxer’s. I’ve never performed at this one before, at that location. We’re really trying to make it perfect. The whole album was released only three weeks ago.

Great. So we will talk more the night of.
I’m all yours. Just grab me wherever.

Don’t tempt me!


Eileen Shapiro

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