Kedwin One of the Busiest Bartenders and Promoters on the Nightlife Scene

Kedwin is a bartender superstar, not to mention a pretty great promoter….and yes, he has a daytime job too. He has a glowing spirit and is loved by his loyal clientele. He is planning some big New Years Eve celebrations at Boxers and Hush and is excited about the holiday season.

Get Out traded questions and answers with Kedwin regarding his career and his future plans, as well as his New Years Eve parties.


Hello, Kedwin. What challenges do you face working for three bars each week?

Great question! Fun fact: Aside from working those three bars, I also have a full-time corporate job that makes this question even more complex, haha. The truth is the only real challenge I find at times–not ALL times–is alone time, lol. I’ve learned with time that being alone, time to reset, time to refuel…alone! It’s just as important as–if not MORE important than–the hustle itself. That’s what I’m working on at the moment. But no real challenge. I love what I do. 

What’s your favorite drink to make as a bartender…and your favorite drink to drink as a promoter?

One of the things that brings me joy serving the public is how much trust they put in my hands in regards to their drink orders, lol. It’s a lot of “Make me something” nowadays haha, but I love it. It’s what I do!….I’m simple Vodka Red Bull if I’m out and about. For the customers, keep on allowing me to be as creative as possible–*winky face*. 

What do you enjoy most about your clientele?

During my happy hour shifts at HUSH, I get to actually have conversations with most. I love their stories, plans, issues, drama, lol. It’s almost like a therapy session, with alcohol involved. Now, during the hectic weekend night parties at BOXERS, there’s not much conversation involved, lol. But I do love the loyalty. You guys are the real MVP’s. Thank you for trusting me with your livers, lol.

What inspired you to become one of New York’s nightlife promoters?

I’ve always wanted to serve my people–and by “my people,” I mean my LGBTQ+ POC. We need a space. We need our music. We need our vibes. That’s it. It’s all vibe, lol

How are you planning to celebrate Xmas?

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year. That’s freaking amazing! My ass will be home. In Jersey now. Sleeping, lol

What parties are you throwing on NYE weekend?


Any New Year resolutions?

Nope, haha. The past few years, I’ve been done with New Year’s resolutions. I have a five-year plan. And within that, I plan accordingly . Add or change things here and there. Every month, I sit with myself and reevaluate. But one thing I always want to lead with is intention. Wherever you are in life. Your time is now. Not January 1st, but now. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Happy holidays! 

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