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Jade Starling – Get Out! Magazine – NYC’s Gay Magazine

Jade Starling


says Jade Starling in one of her amazing new songs on her brand new, soon-to-be-released, high-energy album, “CAPTIVE.” she describes “Captive” as an “emotional journey” and has collaborated with DJ’s all over the world in creating it.

Besides generating brand new club sounds equipped with lyrics relevant to club kids as well as humans in general, she tours her little heart out and frequents clubs on a nightly basis, especially gay venues, her most favorite and fun places to be. Known best for her lead singing role in the duo PRETTY POISON and her mega-platinum song “CATCH ME, I’M FALLING,” Starling was born with an artistry that cannot be ignored.

In between her preparations for her “Spectacular” single release concert and her party on July 18 at the 360 Lounge, located at the phenomenal “Resorts World Casino NYC,” writing and producing music, dancing away at the clubs and hosting drag shows, I was fortunate enough to be able to have an extraordinary conversation with her. Her publicist, Randy Alexander of Randex PR, suggested I “have fun with her,” and that’s exactly what happened.

After speaking with Starling for less than three minutes, I felt as if I’d known her for years, and as the conversation grew, I found her to be very sincere, very loyal to her fans and very special. Her love for the gay community was nearly overwhelming and very precious.

Jade, you have a brand new solo album about to be released. What’s it called, and when is the release?
OK, well, the new album is called “Captive,” and it will be out August 12, and the new single “Think About U” will be out July 18. It just went to the new Billboard panel, and we’re already getting love. There are some mixes on it that I think will be toxic…phenomenal.

I’ve heard it and it’s amazingly energetic.
It’s definitely a “feel good” record for sure. It puts you on an emotional journey.

It seems to fit the needs of the “club kids” today.
It really does.

Do you write your own songs?
Yes, I co-wrote all of the songs.

Who wrote them with you?
These were collaborations. It started off one way. I co-wrote the songs with my partner from Pretty Poison, Whey Cooler, who also did some of the production, and Lee Dagger from Bimbo Jones said, “I have some tracks made; I’ll send them over and see what you think.” So we wrote about a dozen songs with Lee Dagger. It was a good fit. It took me places that I felt I’ve never been. It was very exciting and new. Fresh. The sound was exciting. So this became the “Captive” album. It was two years in the making. We also had collaborations with a Hungarian DJ, a beautiful gay boy by the name of Laszlo. We did four songs with him on the album. We also did a collaboration with a French DJ, Franck Dona, on a song on the album, “Everything in the World.” I love the quote from the song: “I want it all, I want it now, I want everything in the world.”

That’s intense and so fitting for today’s kids. Now, you’re appearing in the New York area. Where? When?
Yes, I’m so excited. We’re going back to 360 Lounge in the Resorts World Casino. It’s a huge facility. That night we’re having a single release party with the press and TV. We’ve invited them to celebrate with us. 360 Lounge is a really awesome venue. The casino is two or three levels, and from there you can look down into the club. It’s a great time, straight, gay…

I understand you are a gay activist.
I’m totally a gay activist.

What made you so?
I’ve been a gay activist since day one because they have always accepted me and supported me, whether I’m #1 on the charts or just…I find that my gay fans are loyal.

Have you ever considered doing Fire Island?
I’d love to be a part of Fire Island. I just got back from Seattle Pride. It was amazing.

You’re straight?
Yes, the beautiful thing is I don’t think it really matters. In the entertainment world, the crazier, the better, and I love drag queens. I’ve hosted drag shows before – that’s my people. I love my gays so much. I did an event at the GLBT Expo that happens in January at Jacob Javits Center. I met some drag queens there. They were top notch.

What do you do for fun?
Oh, I just love to go out and dance. Actually, now I’ve been going to the clubs and playing the new mixes and just seeing the reaction. I love gay clubs. I love hosting drag shows. I mean, for me, that’s the most fun you could possibly have, and especially with the new release. I’m getting out there every night to different clubs.
Most of the time I spend is in the studio. I work on music, writing and producing, and it’s just fun getting out there and freaking out and dancing to your new song.

That song is especially amazing.
It’s very solid, and there’s a lot of good songs out there, for sure.

The gay audience is awesome.
They really are. In Seattle there was over 100,000 people. I just loved what I was feeling, and and I do a fun show. I pull people up from the audience, you know, to try [to make] the fans as much a part of it. Anyone and everyone that’s looking good and up for being part of the show, beautiful boys, beautiful girls, drag queens…

So you’re local. 
I’m in between Philly and NJ.
Your mega hit “Catch Me I’m Falling” has been used in several movies.
Oh, yes. It was in “Hiding Out” starring Jon Cryer and “Kickin’ It Out Old School.” It was used for MTV in March and in an episode of “Breaking Bad.” Also in the works, we are talking to some people about a television commercial. It’s funny because you don’t really realize what you have at the time. It’s all around the world. It’s an iconic song. It reinvented itself. I’m also doing The Freestyle Explosion tour as well with Stevie B and Lisa Lisa. I just got back from doing LA. I wanna do it all! I’m excited about the new song too and the reaction it’s getting. You know, some people put out albums…like, they might put out a couple singles, but the rest of the album is just a lot of fillers. Creatively speaking, I feel the new album is very solid and any number of songs on the record could be a hit.

How has your life been different than you thought it would be?
You know what? I think I was born to be an entertainer. I used to do pageants starting when I was three years old. I think I was a little drag queen way back then, because I loved the makeup, the hair, the clothes. They would take me around, and I just loved entertaining people. I think at a very young age, I think around five years old, I realized that I totally wanted to entertain people. It surprises me how my life has evolved and turned out. I mean, I’ve done other things, I’ve modeled, I’ve been a makeup artist, I’ve tried my hand at acting. It just seems like singing, songwriting and entertaining seemed like that was the focus, the “eyes on the prize.”

When you wake up each morning, what or who inspires you?
A hot cup of coffee! [laughs]
I’m always hearing music in my head. Music inspires me at all hours, even during the sleeping process I’m dreaming about music. I do wake up sometimes and I will put a song in my head on paper so I don’t forget. I am inspired everyday in some way creatively, and I thank God for that. I feel very blessed.

Now, you said you like to host drag shows.
Drag queens are amazing.

Oh my God, I love them.
Their artistry, their makeup, their hair, they are always stunning.

I had someone on Facebook just today ask me if I was a drag queen or a real girl and I loved it.
It’s so funny that you said that, because I hosted a drag show about a month ago, and some of them were asking me, “Are you a girl or boy?” I found that such a compliment.

Anything you’d like to add or tell us about that we haven’t discussed?
There’s gonna be a major tour behind the album, and it’s very important to get with my ‘gays’ because they are the ones that have helped me through thick and thin, through ups and downs. They always make me feel…wherever I am, they make me feel like I’m home.The gay fans make you feel like a superstar, that you’re amazing and that it’s not a comeback, and you’ve never left and they’ve just been there the whole time. It’s meaningful. It touches my heart, and it makes me wanna give back. Whenever they call, I’m here. I’m also proud that Philly and New Jersey support gay marriages.

I can’t wait until they have “Gay Divorce Court” on TV. It will be the funniest show ever.
I would love to be in the middle of that. I’m sure it would be a hilarious show.

See Jade Starling on Friday, July 18, at 11:30 p.m. at Club 360 Lounge at Resorts World Casino NYC, 110-00 Rockaway Blvd. (next to JFK). For info call (888) 888-8801.

Also please join Jade at:


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