Holly Dae One of NewYork Nightlife’s Busiest Queens

A nightlife staple, Holly Dae is currently spreading joy and laughter with different events each week. She can be seen doing Bingo at the Monster on Wednesday; at Industry bar, hosting a long running celebrated drag review on Thursday; on Friday at the Ritz, hosting a drag competition; once a month on Friday at the Laurie Beechman Theatre for Distorted Diznee; and then on Saturday at the Monster for Spunk, and then again with the Spunk crew at Pieces bar on Sunday…..

She’s creative, she’s funny….and most obviously in demand. We shared questions and answers regarding her events, her future plans, and a brief synopsis of what her festivities entail.


You are a busy girl. What do you enjoy most about each of your events: Spunk, Bingo, Industry Queen, and others?

Well, yes, I do like to keep busy. I have five shows a week, and I am very lucky they all are so different. My week starts off on Wednesday at Monster for Bingo with my co host Cherry Poppins, and over the past nine months, we have really made it quite unique, with not just the classic number Bingo, but fun themes as in Disney, Barbie, and even celebrating Onlyfans! Thursday, I’m so honored to be hosting the longest running drag review in NYC QUEEN at Industry bar. In December we turn 13 years old. We have a cast of such talent and show stopping production numbers every week, with themes, choreography, high energy dance numbers, guest stars and so much more. On Fridays, I have a few gigs. I do Open Call at Ritz Bar, which is a fabulous drag competition with my co host Stasi and DJ Xavier Mazara. I love seeing all the amazing talent that these young queens and kings bring to the stage. Also, once a month, on Friday, I get to perform at the beautiful Laurie Beechman Theatre for Distorted Diznee, an off-Broadway show starring Bootsie Lefaris, Brenda Dharling, Fifi DuBois and me. It’s been running now for over 11 years! Finally, one Friday a month, I cross the river to join my NJ family at Club Feathers. We always have so much fun and laughs at this venue. Saturday, I’m at Monster bar for Spunk, where we have 30-40 gogo boys offering lap dances and pop up shows, with a fabulous dance floor by DJ David Michael. Luis Gomez, the producer, has just celebrated 11 years of Spunk, and I am proud to be the OG host (although I call myself a madam at that show, haha). Finally, on Sunday I get to work with the Spunk family again, but at Pieces Bar. I love doing both nights with Spunk because, even though they both have gogo boys, they are very different shows. Monster is a club and Pieces makes the night more like a dirty cabaret show. Tables and lounges make it a bit more intimate and just as hot. WOW, that was a mouthful, but as you said I’m a busy lady!

What drives you?

What drives me is the community. I always refer back to that old saying that goes, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”. And I truly believe that! I have been extremely lucky in my career that I have been able to travel the world, performing–but coming back to NYC and seeing all the unique and amazing talent this city has really pushes me to keep striving for more. Never settle and always learn–that’s what drives me. 

Are there any new projects you’re working on at the moment?

As of now, my new projects are gearing up for 2024 with some international gigs. In 2023, I got to perform in many cities all over the USA, but also Dublin, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I am excited to announce I’m coming to Berlin in 2024, and that’s just the beginning.

What do you enjoy when out of drag?

Right now, I am so thankful to have this job. We live in a scary world between wars, politics, hate and so much more. So when I perform and I get to make people laugh, smile, and just forget about all that negative bulls*it for one night, or maybe just one moment, then it’s all worth it. I love doing what I do, and I am beyond grateful for the career I’ve had, and even when I’m having a bad night/show, I constantly remind myself of that fact. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received…..and given?

Best advice given: Bianca Del Rio, many, many, MANY years ago, told me some great advice. “Never let a bitch see you sweat”. And it’s so true. Drag is a family and a community, but let’s be real. It’s competitive. Do what you do and do it with all your heart and pay no mind to the haters. I pass that saying on to every queen who ever asks for advice. And one last tip…Do YOUR drag, Don’t let people tell you how to do YOUR drag!

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