Grapefruit Sound Lab

You know the feeling when you want to listen to more from a new artist and you need to know who’s behind that new song? You will have that sensation with Grapefruit Sound Lab, who will be premiering their newest video at The Monster December 10.

Where did you meet?
Our psychic says that Shawn, Phil, Andrew and I have been friends for centuries, yet we’ve only recently realized that we should be doing what we are doing.

What are your musical influences?
Our influences include classical, classic rock, classic synth, NYC electro, industrial/EBM and even musical theater. Danny Tenaglia, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Curve, Gap Band, Led Zeppelin, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Röyksopp, Enigma, Paul Oakenfold, Galantis, Tim Rex, Madonna, Moby, Hex Hector, Peter Rauhofer and Kraftwerk have all influenced us.

Is music for you just a hobby?
This is our life’s work. We wish it were just a hobby. [laughs]

Are you performing at electronic music festivals next year?
Of course, if we play our cards right.

What’s the inspiration for your lyrics?
Everyday observations and universal truths, life and its associated situations.

What were you told at home when you started your music career?
From “By any means necessary” to “Better get a day job!” Our families have always encouraged our artistic pursuits.

What is the inspiration for the “Broken” music video?
It is the juxtaposition between black and white, happy and sad, good and evil. We shot in black and white to convey the emotions that coincide with the lyrics. Think film noir with some fun for good measure.

Will we enjoy your talent many more years?


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