Get Into It: Let’s Glam It Up!

This year NYC has honored me with my fourth Glam Award nomination. The Glam Awards were formerly the Glammy Awards and have been put under legal scrutiny by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences because they felt their awards ceremony the Grammys has too similar a name, and therefore having a small local awards show with a title that similar would, and I quote, “damage” their mark.

Glammy (Glam) Awards founder Cherry Jubilee says: “In 2010 I ?led for a trademark for GLAMMY AWARDS to protect the name that I had worked so hard over 14 years for recognition. The name had become famous in our community, garnered respect and elicited excitement for the annual celebration. There is a huge and obvious difference, and to think anyone would confuse one for the other is absurd. It’s just hateful bullying from a giant corporation against our small LGBT community awards ceremony. They have attacked us legally, and since I do not have the money to hire legal help, we were forced to change the name to GLAM AWARDS.”

Hunties, this week you should get into a queen who has worked extra hard to serve our community and acknowledge its excellence. I caught up with Cherry Jubilee after the Glam Awards nomination announcement party and got her to share the ups, downs and the future of the Glam Awards.

Why did you start the Glammy Awards?
When I was a baby drag queen and brand new to the NYC nightlife, I was astounded by all the amazing talent that existed. And nobody was being given recognition. So legends like Joey Arias, Raven O, Sherry Vine, Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny and Candis Cayne inspired me to start an awards show to honor the best in NYC nightlife!

What was your favorite Glam moment or performance of all time?
There have been so many over the last 14 years, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But Peppermint always turns out over-the-top production numbers year after year. Last year she entered the stage in a giant bubble backed by a full-on rock band and pyrotechnic effects. She is one of the hardest-working, professional and genuinely nice queens in the business.

Trust me, I know. For years I was a backup dancer for her. Standing behind her for four years was the best thing I ever did for my career. What should we expect from this year’s Glam awards?
More big production numbers. The performers always bring their best to the stage. It’s a great way to show our community why they’ve been chosen as the best of the best. And everyone always brings big-time glamour to the event. There really isn’t any other event since Wigstock that is able to bring everyone in our community together in one room and create such an electric energy and sense of joy. It isn’t the bitchy cat fight you may imagine it would be. Everyone is there to celebrate!

Who is performing at the Glam Awards this year?
So far: Thorgy Thor, Peppermint, Kizha Carr, Tina Burner and some new girl. I think her name is Honey Daven-something-or-other! And plenty more are being added as we speak.

That’s Sir Honey Daven-something-or-other to you, miss thing!

Fourteen years ago Cherry Jubilee created a tradition of honoring the hard-working DJs and drag queens, heavy-handed bartenders and hot go-go boys of NYC nightlife. I have had the pleasure to be involved in and attend the ceremony every year since 2008. This year we will prove that while big business may try to steal our name, they can’t take away our love and commitment to our community, our dedication to greatness or our glamour. Be there at the GLAM AWARDS Sunday, November 4, at XL, hosted by Peppermint, Sherry Vine and Bianca Del Rio!

Sir Honey Davenport

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