How do you meet in the Meat Market?
The gym….no matter your fitness goals, there is an obvious secondary benefit of your membership: It’s a great place to meet guys in your area, sweating, grunting, half naked. But how do you really find a workout partner for sets and repetitions outside the gym? Having worked in fitness for a while, I’ve seen some hits and misses in the love connection department in gyms. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for flirting with fitness.

Do say hi. You’d be surprised how many of the most attractive guys are actually really nice. That hottie over there by the bicep curl machine might just continue the conversation because no else had the strength to speak.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t be the loud grunter, the one in the middle of the workout floor with 20 different weights, the one going too fast or slow or the creepy guy staring at his prey through the mirror. Awkward!

Do be consistent. Working out on a regular basis shows commitment, which is always a great sign. The regulars are the cool crowd in the gym, no matter what your body fat percentage is.

Don’t be inappropriate. Inappropriate behavior can appear desperate, not daring. Examples? Taking super long in the locker room, steam room or sauna, always striking up conversations while naked (and not being in the process of dressing), leering or worse yet, stalking.

Do offer a spot if needed and if you can. If Mr. Muscles is struggling on the bench, if you’re able, offer help for his next set. And don’t ogle overtly – it’s sexier to appear completely invested in the muscles that he’s working than the muscle in his pants.

Do switch it up. We’re not talking about switch hitting (another article, another time!). The guy who’s always in the same place, doing the same workout, not only will still look the same, but shows predicabilty – boring! Take classes, cross train, stretch – use different areas of the gym. Diversifying your workout can work out for your love life.


Christopher Paige works in fitness in Downtown Manhattan. He lost 180 pounds and has maintained that loss for over 10 years. For fitness questions and more, contact him at