Fire-ing Up Joe G’s Birthday

The DJ/Producer Celebrates His Big Day at The Pavilion 
DJ Joe Gauthreaux is another year older – so what better excuse is there for a party?
He has a lot to celebrate this year.  He’s on the end tail of his Summer of Pride tour that has seen him headlining Prides in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Toronto, San Francisco, and San Diego, among others.
He also has a hit in the clubs right now.   “You Are My Family”, featuring the effusive vocals of dance diva Inaya Day, is rocketing up the charts.  It’s the second single from his own music label, Prop D Recordings.  
Come celebrate with the birthday boy himself when Joe Gauthreaux spins The Pavilion at Fire Island Pines this Saturday.   
How will you be celebrating this year at The Pavilion? 
With a room full of people enjoying the music and having a good time.
What’s your favorite kind of birthday cake? Are you a chocolate or vanilla guy? 
Actually, I like both!
What was your wildest birthday ever?
Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve had a wildest birthday yet. I’m usually working on my birthday and nobody wants to see or hear a messy DJ. 
How do you stay looking so young and fresh? 
It’s the sun.  I don’t go in it. One of the perks of my job.
What makes you smile? 
Anyone with a great sense of humor who can make me laugh will always be someone I keep around.
What are you most proud of right now in your life? 
My single with Inaya Day. It’s a song I wrote, which up until a few years I thought that was only something other people did. I used to write poetry in school so when I learned how to produce music and wanted to do something more with my skills, I put the two together. Now, the floodgates have opened. Watch out!
Do you have a special birthday wish this year? 
My only wish is for a good crowd at Pavilion this weekend.  I want to give them the best set possible! To watch them dance and have an amazing night will be the best gift I can receive. 

Mike Bahr

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