FiESta! ES Gets the Summer Swim Party Started

The new swim collection by ES Collection is a nod to the thriving festival scene of Spain – those elaborate, over-the-top super euro parties that have invaded the U.S. in recent years. In fact, the leader of them all, Matinée, returns to New York City this Pride.

“Spain has become the party capital of the world,” says designer Ed Suñer, the man behind the brand. Note: His initials are ES.  Coincidentally, ES is also the initials of España (Spain), the country where the collection is made.

“Madrid is famous for its Pride, Barcelona for Circuit, and of course there is the island of Ibiza where there is always a party going on,” continues Suñer. “Spanish parties exude sex. They feature superior quality production. They are grand and spectacular. This summer’s swim collection is a reflection of the magic.”

ES Collection is a playful brand, as depicted in their provocative ad campaigns. This summer’s shoot took place in Andorra, a small country located between Spain and France. All images are on their website,

It’s not all games, though. ES Collection has also proven to be a fighter. Each year brings new competition from copycat brands that rip off their designs. Still, the company stands strong.

“Competition is a good thing,” says Nir Zilberman of Man Trends Agency, the brand’s U.S. representative. “It keeps the team on their toes and motivates them to keep inventing newer and better designs.”

Perhaps the brand’s best design feature – that no other label has been able to match – is the swim brief’s frontal pouch. “It’s like the Wonderbra for women,” says Zilberman. “It holds its shape and accentuates the man perfectly.”

According to Zilberman, if you were to pour champagne into the cup of the brief’s pouch, you could drink from it 20 minutes later.

Now that’s one way to start a fiesta!

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By Derek Grimes 

Get Out! Contributor

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