The biggest night of the year is here once more: The Super Bowl!

The staff at all 4 Boxers Bars—yes, that’s right, Upper East Side is now open—are ready to welcome the crowds and celebrate the highest level of American football in the world. Flowing beer pitchers, delicious wings and an incredible display of athleticism might sum up our great unofficial American holiday.

Yes, it’s really happening, Super Bowl LII in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. It’s a region stocked with natural beauty, great schools and a major corporate presence. But in January and February, it is cold! The sun goes down early and rises late. Regardless of the blistering weather, we will all get revved up to see the Philadelphia Eagles make their third appearance at a Super Bowl. The Eagles will be seeking some long-awaited glory of their own while they go up against the New England Patriots, who are looking to secure back-to-back Lombardis. It will be a night to be remembered!

Boxers Bars has prepared another unforgettable night of excitement and sportsmanship to celebrate this cherished American tradition and its loyal customers. Free foot-long sandwiches during halftime at Boxers Chelsea and raffles at other locations are just some of the exciting surprises Boxers Bars is offering its patrons, ensuring everyone will have a great evening!

During halftime, Justin Timberlake will become the first musician to secure three Super Bowl halftime performances. What can we expect? His latest music video featured references to several hot-button issues that have dominated the headlines recently, including racial injustice and Hollywood’s #MeToo movement. The NFL has also been a popular arena for activism this year, so it’s possible that Timberlake can use the halftime show as a platform for social commentary. The national anthem singer will once again be female, with pop singer Pink to take the stage, thus making the anticipation even greater.

As football and sports bring people together in the spirit of sportsmanship, the men of Boxers Bars are honored to do the same under an umbrella of fun and equality. Boxers is proud to be an all-inclusive gay sports bar and is excited to announce its most recent addition to the family, Boxers Upper East Side, and an upcoming location in Washington Heights set for spring 2018.

Boxers has made it its mission to go into neighborhoods that have lots of gay people but no gay bar. They are bringing the contemporary gay bar to them.

As a gift to its customers and to celebrate the two new locations, Boxers has released a 2018
calendar in association with Smirnoff Vodka and the Human Rights Campaign. Shot by photographer Julio Nuno, the calendar is free and available at all Boxers locations. Make sure to pick up a copy during the Super Bowl.

So, if you are in NYC or Philadelphia and want to check out the season’s professional or college sports games, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” have a laugh on karaoke or comedy night or simply just want to sit back and relax while throwing back a few beers, pizza and wings with some friends and no judgement, Boxers – America’s Gay Sports Bar is the place to be and is proud to be your home away from home!

Happy Super Bowl LII!
Boxers UES 1664 3rd Ave. NY, NY
Boxers HK 742 9TH Ave. NY, NY
Boxers Chelsea 37 W. 20th NY, NY
Boxers PHL 1330 Walnut St. PHL, PA

Get Out! Contributor

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