One of NYC’s Favorite Queens was just crowned Miss Stonewall 2024:
The Incomparable Inita D!

Best description of my drag: Business chic with a touch of stripper ‘ho vibes. Like if Ramona (JLo) from the movie Hustlers did drag, that would be me.  

How many years I’ve been at it: Seven years  

Original hometown: Yonkers 

Favorite number to do: “Higher” by VINCINT

A number I will NEVER do: Anything by P. Diddy 

Favorite cosmetic product: Honestly, been getting into skincare more and have been loving Glossier’s skin care product. Also Milk cosmetics and Juvia’s Place 

Reason I started drag: 

Hibiscus encouraged me to do it for a Beyoncé competition at Rise Bar and so I did it. Also, I was tired of being a backup dancer and wanted to be in the center, haha

Most important diva ever: 

(singer. actress etc.) Beyoncé, hands down, and the Virgin Mary; she slays, hahaha  

A drag performer I admire: Jujubee and Brenda Dharling. Jujubee because of her kindness and her wittiness, Brenda for her amazing talents, while also being an amazing, respectful queen–and her brand is amazing. 

The man of my dreams: Vin Diesel. Lawd, he was my original celebrity crush and always will be, followed by the Rock  

Drink of choice: Absolute Pears Ginger Ale  

Best thing about drag: The money I make from it  

Worst thing about drag: The money I spend on it, lol 

Proudest drag moment I’ve had: 

Winning Miss Stonewall 2024 and also hosting Yonkers’ first Pride Festival three years ago b/c that’s my hometown.  

Weirdest drag moment I’ve had: 

Honestly, getting dragged itself is weird. I mean I am dressing up as the gender that I’m not sexually attracted to to perform for the white men’s dollar, that has got to be weird lol

Best advice to a new queen: 

Have an idea of what you want your brand to be. Even if you’re an artist–that’s great, you wanna express your art–but drag is a business a lot of times. People forget that. So make sure you carry yourself with dignity and that you’re easy to work with, you’re respectful towards others, and you respect other people’s spaces so you can get bookings and people want to work with you. Because you can be the most sickening performer… but if your attitude is trash, no one‘s gonna wanna work with you. 

Where to find me: 

The corner of 1/78 and Pinehurst, but most importantly, you can find me on my Instagram at @THEINITAD, also on my website at initad.net, where you can find events I’m gonna be at. Also, you can find my merch as well, if you want to support me.

Jim Silvestri

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