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Constantine Maroulis, the American Idol finalist and Tony-nominated actor, will star in the new vampire rock popera, Blood/Love, taking place Monday, January 15 at Joe’s Pub (425 Lafayette Street) in NYC.

Created by Carey Sharpe and directed by Daniel LeClaire, Blood/Love spins a tale of love, friendship, heartbreak and betrayal.  Audiences are plunged into the world of “The Crimson,” a gothic and decadent nightclub where ageless vampires consort among the living.  Among them is Valerie Bloodlove, Satan’s former queen who has been banished to roam the earth for eternity and fortuitously meets a troubled human named Anzik.

Anzik, played by Constantine Maroulis, has traded his soul to the devil in exchange for supernatural musical talents and fame. He now bears the burden of a wish turned to a curse and may not survive his Faustian bargain unless the fallen queen can somehow save him from the king of all demons. 


What inspired you to take on the lead role in a vampire rock popera?

Constantine Maroulis:   This work excited me. I think the creators have something very sexy and powerful here.  The show gives a modern look into how similar vampires and humans really are. They aren’t just cold monsters.  They long for purpose and love as well. Blood/Love shows the connection between them and shines an empathetic light on vampires that isn’t often seen today.

In Blood/Love, your character trades his soul to the devil for talent and fame.  As someone who has both, is it a fair trade? 

CM:   I tell young people not to worry about fame.  Just worry about the work.  The rest will figure itself out. I never really thought about the fame.  I only wanted to work with amazing people and have a platform to do 

what I love for many years.  Fame comes and goes.  It’s what you leave behind in your work that really matters. 

Do you have a favorite song in the show?

CM:   I love “Not Who You Think I Am,” Anzik’s frantic and frenzied over-share where he admits the deal he made to Valerie. The song is truly a rock-out number that is freeing for both Anzik and the audience.

Could Blood/Love be your next Rock of Ages?  Is the intention to bring the concert to Broadway?  

CM:   You never know with live theatre, but I sure hope so! Our creative team is open to bringing this production to theatre in a way that breaks the fourth wall mold and truly immerses audiences in the underworld. Wherever it lands, it’s going to move people in a big way.

Tickets for Blood/Love at Joe’s Pub are $20 to $30 each (plus a two drink or one food item minimum, per person) at There will be two performances on Monday, January 15: 5:30pm (doors open at 5pm) and 9:30pm (doors open at 9pm).  Joe’s Pub is located at 425 Lafayette Street (at Astor Place).

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