Cheyenne Jackson at NYC’s Carlyle Cafe

The entrance into the Carlyle Hotel was nothing less than opulent. Tinted with an attitude of art deco, black and white marble tiles throughout, I was escorted through an old world French-flavored maze of friendly people enjoying a relaxed atmosphere amidst the various bars and vestibules. As I reached the cozy Café Carlyle inside the hotel, I was greeted by Matt Gross at the door—an adorable experience in itself.

To say the café was intimate would be one of the greatest understatements ever. I sat literally inches from the stage while being served a banquet of luxurious food, as a constant flow of wine was poured into my glass, as if it were water.

And then, just as I finished the chocolate mousse dessert, exactly on time, the unbelievably talented and handsome Cheyenne Jackson, starof stage, screen and TV, took the stage. I had heard him sing via YouTube; however, I was more than astounded by his voice in person. Even if I had disliked the diverse array of songs he performed, which included everything from Elvis to Gaga, it wouldn’t have mattered. Just looking at him would have been worth the trip!

With his jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, the clarity of his melodic voice was superior to that of George Michael, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and any of the best one could think of. In between his songs, Jackson was humorous and able to develop a quick, confidential rapport with the audience.

The show “Eyes Wide Open” outlined Jackson’s life for the last two years through song and story. The crowd was entranced by his presence, as I could hear the whispers of affection and admiration around me.

Jackson has sold out twice at Carnegie Hall. He’s appeared on “Glee,” “30 Rock,” “Ugly Betty,” “The Green,” “United 93,” “Xanadu” and “All Shook and Up,” just to mention a few of his credits.

Along with his awesome band, including the handsome Willy Beaman on keyboards, the evening was very special and entertaining.

Jackson will be appearing at the Café Carlyle, located at 35 E 76th Street, NYC, from January 13 until January 24. This is one show that definitely should not be missed!

Eileen Shapiro

Best selling author of "The Star Trek Medical Reference Manual", and feature celebrity correspondent for Get Out Magazine, Louder Than War, and Huffington Post contributor, I've interviewed artists from Adam Ant, Cyndi Lauper, and Annie Lennox to Jennifer Hudson, Rick Springfield, LeAnn Rimes, and thousands in between. My interviews challenge the threat of imagination....

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