Bums Are Working Overtime This Labor Day Weekend

The team at Mr. Man are celebrating this last beach weekend by rounding up the hottest beach scenes on film.  They include The Great’s Nicholas Hoult skinny dipping with Colin Firth, Zac Efron’s hilarious buzzy bee scene from Dirty GrandpaBeverly Hills 90210’s Jason Priestley’s nude strut in Calendar Girl, and White Lotus’s Theo James’ naked swim in the British period drama Sandition. Here are the top-ten Hollywood beach bums of all time, according to MrMan.com.

#10 Alan Ritchson in Blood Drive

Alan Ritchson’s rise to stardom includes big franchises like the Ninja Turtles and the DC Universe, but fans of his physique need to check out Alan’s nude role in Blood Drive. The bizarre premise of this Syfy Channel original series (a dystopian world in which cars run on blood instead of fuel) isn’t giving us summer vibes, but his amazing, tan bum sure brings the beach party.

#9 Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa

Zac Efron is an actor who needs no introduction. This enduring sex symbol transformed from teen heartthrob to leading man before our eyes. His hottest nude scene can be found in the comedy Dirty Grandpa, where Zac wakes up naked on the beach after a wild bender. His muscles are on full display here, and from the looks of it, Zac doesn’t miss glute day at the gym.

#8 Jason Priestley in Calendar Girl

Those of us who remember watching the original Beverly Hills, 90210 undoubtably recall that the adorable Jason Priestley was the actor to beat in the 90s. But do you remember his rare nude scene in Calendar Girl, which was filmed three years after he started his tenure on 90210? Brandon Walsh plus nudity equals perfection.

#7 Jake Mosser, Jonah Blechman, Jimmy Clabots, and Aaron Michael Davies in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

The gays of this offbeat comedy threw caution to the wind by paling around with each other fully naked at an otherwise clothed beach. Before getting busted by the cops, these cocky young men hilariously reveal their toned bodies while splashing around in the ocean together. Watch out, the gays have indeed gone wild.

#6 Charles Alexander in The Wilds

The Wilds is one of multiple plane crash dramas released in recent years.  It beats out the competition with its incredible nude beach scene featuring the sizzlingly hot Charles Alexander. He proves that he’s a man with nothing to hide by emerging from the ocean fully naked to have a conversation with Zack Calderon. Zack gets an eyeful of Charles’ front while viewers are treated to his bum and tan line. Yellowjackets could never.

#5 Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man

In this gay drama, director Tom Ford explores the sexual attraction that can develop between a young man and an older man. While Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult never consummate their attraction to one another, they share this homoerotic skinny dip, which provides a look at both of these fine actors’ beach bums.

#4 Patrick Wilson in Angels in America

Patrick Wilson had only appeared in one movie before securing his breakout role in Angels in America. His acting talent, leading man good looks, and muscular body are all working for him in this nude beach scene. If you check out the full scene, you’ll actually see Wilson’s pool noodle between his legs, but for this article, we’re concentrating on his flotation device.

#3 Theo James in Sandition

Sure, you remember his butt in The White Lotus, and you watched his full-frontal scenes in The Time Traveler’s Wife, but real Theo James fans remember his nude role in the British period drama Sandition. Theo’s ultra-defined muscles perfectly compliment his firm, round bum as he emerges from the water onto this rocky beach.

#2 Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly

Ben Stiller was at the height of his rom com fame when he stripped down in Along Came Polly. His uptight character loosens up at the end of the movie, walking along the beach next to Jennifer Aniston with his buns out. This funnyman’s sex appeal is no joke.

#1 Sanuye Shoteka, Hermes Pittakos in He Loves Me

He Loves Me is an artistic Greek movie featuring a real-life gay couple. Things really heat up for the men underwater, while they are swimming in the ocean, but as this article is about bums on the beach, the wrestling scene on the beach is an eyeful.

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