Temps in the 212 are at record high now that steamy-licious DJ Brett Henrichsen has become its newest resident. You probably thought the Master of the Beat lived here already as he was frequently spotted around town, but the longtime LA’er was here on work duty for his monthly residency at Splash. At long last, he’s an official New Yawker. We spoke to Brett about the move, his feelings on NYC’s ever-changing gay nightlife and his plans for Pride.

Why are so many DJs making the move to NYC?
Are they really? And I was just thinking how all the DJs were moving to Los Angeles, and it was getting too crowded there. I think as a species DJs are often moving around and trying out new cities.

Is that why you did it?
I’ve always loved New York and wanted to experience it. I had been coming to New York for 10 years and had never even been to Central Park or a museum. I wanted to change that.

What are some of your favorite things to do now that you’re a New Yawker?
I’m loving the high line and riding my new portable Dahon bike up and around the park. I had no idea Central Park was so big and had so much to do.

It’s a wonder you get to do much of anything with your busy DJ schedule.
I let my DJ career slip into light mode the past few years while I was focusing on I was only taking a few select gigs a year. Unfortunately, the music business and consumers weren’t ready for the website, and it’s just so impossible to compete with companies like iTunes and Google. Now that Masterbeat is back to focusing on event production, I’m able to start taking all the DJ gigs I want again.

What gigs are you most looking forward to?
I’m really excited to headline the closing party of Madrid Pride. It’s one of my favorite parties to attend every year, and now to be able to play it is just amazing. I’m also excited to be in the lineup for Circuit in Barcelona, now one of the largest gay party festivals in the world.

We can’t forget about your Wonderland, LA Pride party. You’re wearing the co-producer hat for it.
My friend Tom Whitman created Wonderland about eight years ago. We’re joining forces to give LA the weekend of pride events it deserves!

How will this year’s Wonderland be different?
First, we’re moving Wonderland from Paramount to Universal Studios. Universal has given us the park for the night! It will be open exclusively for us from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. with full access to the new Transformers 3D Ride, The Mummy’s Revenge and more! The party itself will be inside one of Universal’s own sound stages, right there on the back lot just steps away from the rides.

It’s about time someone reinvented LA Pride!
I’ve personally left Los Angeles every Pride because I was so disappointed in it. This will be the first of many new Wonderland Weekends as we work to grow LA Pride more each year and make it a destination again.

What’s your favorite floor to spin in New York?
I’ve been playing at Splash for about 10 years now. Splash is like family. Its longevity is amazing, and what I love is it is constantly evolving. Every few years the club undergoes a massive overhaul to reinvent itself. It’s in the middle of one now. This summer we’ll see the club transformed into one of NYC’s top dance clubs.

You’re spinning Splash on May 18. What can we expect?
I’ll be testing more of my European sounds as I get ready for the Spain summer tour.

It’s a little early – but do you have a message for your fans this Pride?
Growing up a Mormon boy from Utah, being gay was a hard thing for me to accept. Now I actually know and believe we are the lucky and chosen ones. Be grateful for who you are!

Brett Henrichsen spins Splash
(50 West 17th St) on May 18.

For more information on Wonderland: LA Pride, visit:

– By Derek Grimes 

Get Out! Contributor

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