Bitter’s Kiss

Songstress Chloe Baker, hailing from New Jersey, has just unleashed her brand new 8 track EP, entitled: “Love Won’t MakeYou Cry”. She attempts to portray a bit if her own fragile humanity using bitter’s kiss as a vehicle for that and to showcase her talent.

She uses her songs as a type of diary and a means of exploring the world. She grew up in a musical home, having a dad who maintained a studio and a guitar collection. She currently works with her father recording and producing her music.

I feel like your songs are very deep and thought provoking. What are some of the things that inspired “Love Won’t Make You Cry”?

I witnessed a lot of different relationships growing up some good some bad but all complicated. I knew from a young age that love is a hard thing to describe and I also knew that love can people sacrifice things that they shouldn’t. I wanted to write a song that described love by saying all the things it shouldn’t do. It is showing people that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own happiness for love, at some point you have to put yourself first.

How did you come up with bitter’s kiss?
My first album discussed a of different topics but I think the overall theme was finding the good things out of the bad ones and vice versa. I wanted a word to describe the silver lining that exist in these songs and in life in general and that’s how I came up with bitter’s kiss.

What artists inspire  you?
I grew up listening to a large variety of music so I take inspiration from a lot of different people and styles. I would say some of my biggest inspirations are Regina Spektor and Alicia Keys.

Do you plan a tour to support your new album?
I am continuing to write music and planning to do some shows in the next couple month but not a full tour. I am mainly focused on the music and developing myself as an artist at the moment.

Do you feel that the fact that you were raised in a musical family had an impact on your artistry?
Definitely, growing up in a musical home I always had instruments and music around me. It gave me a ton of inspiration and an opportunity to explore my passion at a really young age. It is also helpful to be in a family who fully supports my passion; it is unique and I am very grateful for how it has helped my career.

Is there a song on your new album that means more to you than the rest?
I would say my favorite song is “Love Won’t Make You Cry” because it has a very good message. I think it is important for a girl my age to know that love is not worth it if it is causing you pain. I think it helped me to understand love better as I wrote the song so it means a lot to me.

When did you begin writing songs?

I think I wrote my first serious song when I was 9 years old.I have been singing since I was a little girl and I have always loved poetry so the two eventually came together. I wrote my first album, however, at 14.

What’s next for bitter’s kiss ?
I have been writing a lot of new music for my next release. I have a music video coming out soon as well that I would love everyone to check out. I have been developing a team for myself and working with different people on the creative side. I am continuing to develop myself to prepare for the next level and trying to reach more and more people everyday.

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