A Birthday Surprise for Logan… Dallas Dubois

As Logan Hardcore and Brenda Darling danced about the poolside of the Ice Palace on a beautiful, warm, sunny summer’s afternoon in celebration of Logan’s birthday, the crowd surrounded them, sipping cocktails and applauding wildly. The queens took turns lip syncing and dancing to a huge medley of songs, one after the other. As DJ Chuck began to play “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King,” the girls pretended to be an array of African jungle animals until a mysterious guest dressed as a lion or a tiger (I’m still not exactly sure!) crawled on all fours down to the pool and placed its head between Logan’s legs. The creature was obviously an “unrehearsed” portion of the show, and the audience cheered. Logan stood motionless and half in shock as the creature continued to crawl around. When the song ended the mystery animal unveiled himself to the unsuspecting queen and turned out to be none other than the famous and long-absent Dallas Dubois. The two hugged as the usually unemotional Logan, to everyone’s amazement, actually shed a tear at the surprise and reunion of her longtime friend.

Dallas Dubois, aka Daniel Logan, rose to drag stardom fast and furiously. She became one of New York City’s finest and most popular drag queens. She was featured in an article in the Village Voice by Michael Musto and roasted by Bianca Del Rio. However, this winter she performed her last drag show and moved to LA to pursue another career. New York and her followers and fans were left heartbroken by her departure. As the show came to an end, DJ Chuck played “Telephone” by GaGa, a song she often performed with Logan. Dallas couldn’t resist and completed the number as Daniel, momentarily borrowing another queen’s wig, dressed in an animal print bathing suit. The two ended the number with a dive into the pool while everyone cherished the moment.

What brought you back to New York, to Fire Island?
I flew here from Los Angeles to surprise Logan for his birthday weekend show. Just a surprise.

So what are you doing in California?
I am a creative director for a theater company that’s in the beginning stages of development and that’s opening in downtown LA.

Is that why you left drag?
I left drag because it wasn’t for me anymore. My heart wasn’t in it. It was just time for me to go. I had been feeling that way for a couple of years, and this was my out, my way to leave the right way and not just leave immediately and take this big risk without any job lined up. You know when you do drag full time, that’s your income. You can’t go starting another job during the day and work at night because there’s not enough hours to get sleep. So I kinda was stuck in this rut, and this was a nice way to leave.

We all miss you.
It’s fun to be back here. I mean, it’s interesting to be back here.

So what is your long-term plan with the theater company? Explain exactly what your role as creative director is.
So, it’s a theater company. It will do repertory productions, like touring productions. We’re going to produce our own originals, musicals and plays, special events and special concerts – a little bit of everything.

Do you miss New York?
Actually, I miss New York. I was born and raised in New York, but it’s nice for me to have a change somewhere else.

You’re a Long Island boy.
I am a Long Island boy, Seaford. So it’s just nice for me to have a change.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Traveling a lot, producing theater – hopefully all around the world – and publishing my first or second “Tony” award.

Do you act?
Right now I don’t. I wanna direct and produce.

You can find Dallas at DallasDubois.com and on Facebook.

Photo By: Miss Management

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