This n’ That is All That…And Then Some

When the glitter and smoke cleared just after the stroke of midnight at this year’s GLAM Awards, there was one winner that stretched its paws across numerous categories: the Brooklyn bar and performance venue This n’ That (TNT). Have you been? Have you heard of it? If yes, you’re cooler than me. If not, let’s discover it together.

The 17th Annual GLAM Awards, gay NYC nightlife’s biggest night, was a star-studded evening of performances and personalities that invaded Stage 48 just over a week ago. A popular yearly love-fest organized by drag queen Cherry Jubilee (and – full disclosure – co-promoted this year by yours truly), the GLAMs are the only nightlife awards show in New York that is powered by those who work in the industry. You must toil in nightlife to nominate, and vote, in the proceedings. This fact makes TNT’s hat trick of wins even more important: NYC’s nightlife community is speaking up, and they’re speaking very clearly.

TNT took home the award for Best Bar, and was the first Brooklyn bar to ever do so in the 17-year history of the awards. It also claimed Best Bar Night (Straight Acting, their monthly Thursday night shindig) and Best Duo for the abundantly creative queens Thorgy Thor and Ruby Roo, who host a weekly show on Mondays at the venue. Having its hands in this many victories is not an accident nor a coincidence; it is something that should be paid attention to. The massive roars that overtook Stage 48 each time Brooklyn and the bar got a nod or rap-infused shout out only supported this notion.

2015 GLAM-award-winning Best Burlesque Performer Rify Royalty’s love for TNT is very apparent: “TNT may be ‘just’ a Brooklyn dive bar to some, but it’s home to many. Drag shows on almost any night of the week. Friendly bar staff, cheap drinks and an overall neighborhood-y vibe. A Brooklyn staple for sure.”

Clicking through TNT’s Facebook fan page (facebook.com/ThisNThatBK) and its website (ThisNThatBrooklyn.com), I found a large cast of nightlife personalities inhabiting and ruling over its many evenings, including Misty Meaner, Mocha Lite, Hamm Samwich, Merrie Cherry, Elizabeth James and Princess Bitch. By the photos on their website, it looks like TNT offers a rough-around-the-edges underground vibe full of cinderblocks, graffiti, well-worn hardwood floors and a diverse and wild crowd that just wants to let their hair down and go nuts. This is exactly the sort of bar I’d want to be the hottest hush-hush venue in NYC. It’s real. It isn’t pretty. It’s just an awesome time, every night.

I’ve heard of TNT, but I’ve never thought to go out there and see it myself. It seems like I’ve missed the boat and am drowning in the gay nightlife ocean begging for a life raft. Time to change that.

This n’ That is located at 108 N 6th St. (between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street), in Brooklyn. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hop on my MTA app and figure out how to get there, so I can end the shame I feel for not having been there yet.

XO Justin Luke

Justin Luke is one of New York’s premiere gay party producers and promoters and the co-owner of the nightlife company BoiParty. He is also a six-time published author and entrepreneur.

Visit JustinLukeNYC.com and BoiParty.com for more info. 

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