“Electric Pop” best describes the genre of the new album release, “Completement Fou” by French sensation Yelle. It’s happy and upbeat, causing one to smile, while being feminine, seductive and proactive at the very same moment. After hearing the first few tracks from the album, I found myself wishing that I hadn’t failed high school French, especially since the little ingenue-type lead singer Julie Budet sings and writes all of the music on this record in her native language. However, by the time I had listened to half of the album, I realized it no longer mattered whether or not I understand the words. It was still more than enjoyable, and I found myself wanting to dance to the music.
“Yelle” is composed of the adorable lead singer Julie Budet, producer GrandMarnier & Tepr, all originally produced by Dr. Luke. “Completement Fou” will be out on Kemosabe Records and in stores October 7.

In 2011 Katy Perry invited Yelle to open for her on her “California Dreaming Tour” in the U.K. Presently Yelle is touring the U.S. and will be appearing at Irving Plaza in NYC on October 10. I have often believed European music to be way ahead of ours in the U.S. The moment I heard “Completement Fou” I decided that there was something cool about it. I detected influences from the ‘80s as well as a hint of ABBA in the music. I found the album to be certainly chic with an element of “Cabaresque” and what I consider to be “hip pop”. I feel that Yelle has the ability to change one’s mood from somber to happy and stress free.

I was so impressed with the vocal ability of Yelle on the album that I had to go to YouTube and research them more. After viewing their videos, especially “Comme en Enfant,” “La Musique” and “Ce Jeu,” I was hooked on them forever. They are  absolutely adorable, entertaining and they inspired me to laugh for over an hour. The lead singer lends a certain sweetness about her that just makes you fall in love with Yelle and want to hear more from them.

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Eileen Shapiro
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