Yamil X has been The King Promoter of the Urban Latino community and their admirers for MORE THAN 18 years in the NYC area, and has taken many successful parties across the waters to Puerto Rico, where he is from, as well. Yamil also won Promoter of the Year AT THE 2012 Get Out! magazine awards and continues to promote some of the best parties around from venue to venue.

Yamil X, 43, served up Wednesday’s Ocean Party at Splash with Nathan Hale Williams for many years, and the party is now at its new home EV R starting Wednesday, November 13, returning the first Wednesday of every month. After taking P3ligro to the top at various venues (which he has put on hiatus for now), Yamil X continues to serve up weekly Urban Latino parties at Yolo & Level 3 at Stage 48 on Fridays, Boa in Hoboken on Tuesdays and Ocean at EV R on Wednesday, November 13. He also has special events at Esco with Big Ben and others, and in 2014 he will feature Club Papi & Castro.

We spoke to Yamil X about the major changes in NYC nightlife, and how hard it is to find the right venue. Yamil says the city is changing and we need to keep upgrading the parties for the new generation – it’s getting harder, but it’s about keeping up with the times, he says. You can like Yamil X on Facebook (Yamil X Uno, Yamil X Dos and Yamil X Tres) to keep up with his latest parties.

When asked who he looks up to in NYC nightlife, Yamil X says the people and places who have most influenced him and helped him in his career over the years are Nathan Hale Williams, Splash, Brandon Voss, Mark Nelson, Rich Starr, Lisa Bonelly, Louis Loca and Rob Fernandez.