Yamil X has been involved  in New York’s nightlife scene for 20 years. He has seen clubs come and go and has watched all of the changes take place. He came to New York with $75 in his pocket, and the rest Is history. Get Out! spoke to Yamil X and found him extremely friendly and warm. He has a great personality, and it’s no wonder he has some of the most successful parties in New York!

I understand that you are one of the biggest promoters in New York City.
Yeah, for Latin urban. For 20 years, can you imagine I’ve seen almost all the clubs come and/or go. I’m still here. I’m blessed, because I’m still working. It’s not easy. In New York City, everything has changed. But to me it’s still about being family oriented.

You don’t look like you’re old enough to have been doing this 20 years.
I’m 48 years old.

What do you like best about being a promoter?
The best thing about making these parties is you meet a lot of people from around the world, and when they come to the club they get into it. To me, as a guy, it was very important to go to the clubs back in the ‘90s. Now it’s not that important any more. To me, I want to see the people happy. I want to show them that you need the contacts, you need the music and you need to meet with other people.

You do a couple of parties a week, correct?
Wednesday nights I do Castro Cockboyz. Friday I do two parties. I do F13bre at XL Latino Lounge; that’s geared more for the Latin crowd and their followers;  and Kwir, the new dance party at The Monster in the West Village. It’s truly an LGBTQ party, and it’s an electro-pop party, so I have two different crowds.  Saturday I do Yolo at XL. It’s been five years already on the main floor. We have artists like Ariana Grande and Lil’ Kim. And Sunday [I do] The Boys Room at XL.

How do you get your acts?
I get introduced to their manager; they come to me. They know Saturday nights always have a lot of people, and they get a lot of publicity.

You have a hard job.
I love my job. I really do. At 48, I believe you do what you love to do. I’m very lucky. I love to create parties. I love people. I love music.

Where are you from originally?
Puerto Rico. I come from Puerto Rico, back in the day. I came to New York with $75 in my pocket, and I decided to stay. I started stripping. I knew I had the body, and that’s how it all started. I walked up to this club Café Con Leche, and they had a contest. It was $100 in cash for the best sexy body. I won the contest. I remember I didn’t even have money to get inside, but somebody gave me a flyer, and I was able to get inside. From there people gave me bookings.

How did you survive New York nightlife for 20 years?
I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke. I do parties almost every day, so if I was drinking and smoking I would’ve been dead by now. If I did drugs I would never have made it. I was the first Latino to do a Latin party at Splash. I was there for nine years. After they closed, it was a little emotional for me, and I figured, “What am I going to do now?” So Big Ben, another urban promoter, came to me and wanted to collaborate. He had a party on Friday he did, a Latin party, and I did a Latin party. It was a competition. So we came together, and it’s been four years since our collaboration. It’s been great, and he’s been great to me.

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