XELLE has always been known for having fun. They’re the goto group when you want danceable beats, powerful synth rhythms and fluffy hot diva vocals. That ’s all about to change. “There are some things in life worth getting angry about and ta king very seriously ,”
explains Rony G. “Like human rights.”

Their latest track, “Red Flag,” aims to inspire fans to stand up for what they believe in. But rest assured, the call to action ain’t no downer. The girls know what fans want, keeping “Red Flag” as high energy and fun as ever, and its powerful message over supercharged beats may prove just thing to spark a movement that helps change the world for the better. Be among the first to hear it live when XELLE performs “Red Flag” at Industry on Thursday, October 17.

Why is XELLE raising the RED FLAG?
JC Cassis: We care about equal rights for all, and we’re concerned about what’s going on with civil and gay rights around the world. We’ve noticed that anti-LGBT sentiment seems to be reaching a boiling point. There were the murders of several gay men and trans women in New York City this summer, the stories of African LGBT people being victimized and persecuted after coming out, and now the anti-gay laws being passed in Russia.

Who came up with the idea for the song?
Rony G: Zach Adam, our producer, came up with the idea, and we all worked on writing it together. “Red Flag” about standing up for what you believe in and raising awareness when you see something wrong.

Do you think Americans should boycott the Sochi games?
JC Cassis: It would have more of an impact if the Olympic Committee were to make a strong statement of support for the Russian LGBT community. The Russian government needs to see that their actions are wrong and unacceptable to the global community, not just the West, and that the Russian LGBT community has allies around the world who will help them stand against injustice.

Is it dangerous for a pop/dance act to release a political track?
Rony G: It’s more dangerous for us not to. “Red Flag” is far more serious and political than our other releases, but it’s still a great pop song.

Did XELLE experience its own cold war? Where is Mimi?
JC Cassis: We had a great time and made amazing songs and videos with Mimi, but at a certain point, it became clear that we needed to make a change. The four of us made the mutual decision to continue the group as JC and Rony with Zach producing, so that both we and Mimi could fully pursue everything we wanted in our careers. We love the new parody songs Mimi has recently released.

What does the future look like for XELLE?
Of course we want the same thing every pop band wants: arena tours, incredible albums, groundbreaking music videos, millions of fans. But it’s an even bigger goal of ours to be a force for positive change in the world. We want to be a part of winning equality for all around the world.

XELLE performs “Red Flag” at Industry on Thursday, October 17. Visit XELLE’s red flags you should look out for:

Your lover is cheating on you If your lover is avoiding conversation or eye contact, that’s a red flag. Get him/her to talk about what’s going on, and provide an understanding atmosphere for him/her to tell you the truth.

Your favorite club is about to close If NYC Cabaret Laws are getting enforced or too many people with babies are moving into the condos around your favorite nightlife spot, that’s a red flag.

Your best friend is lying to you Obvious, dumb social media updates that they’re doing something they would probably never do are definitely a red flag in that situation.

You’re about to get fired If you’re having too much fun at work, you might not have that job for long.
The world is about to end If Madonna starts caring what anyone thinks or Miley Cyrus puts on clothes, that’s a red flag.

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