Wiktoria “Save Me”

Swedish singer, songstress, and pop 19 year old ingenue, has just released her explosive new single, “Save Me”, via Moon Man Records/PRMD Music, and  it is available through iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

She has just come off of her semi final placement at Melodifestivalen where she performed her debut single, and as has just made her very first trip to the States. Her record went platinum in her homeland, and is expected to make a big splash here as well.

Just before her US debut performance in LA at “Tigerheat”, Get Out caught up with her and was able to ask her some questions….I found her very mature for her age while answering questions, and very true to her own heart. Although from Sweden I had to search for her accent which was nearly undetectable. She was sweet and adorable and easy to fall in love with.

What’s the most exciting thing thus far that’s happened for you in the US?
Everything has been so fun…just awesome. But in the Spotify office in New York yesterday, it felt like home, because Spotify is Swedish, so I was just calm, and it was fun. I love New York.

“Save Me”, is a great song. What was your inspiration when writing it?
I didn’t write it actually.

You didn’t?
No, I am a songwriter, but I did not write it. But, the first time I heard it I fell in love with it. Even though I didn’t write it, I could have…it was scary. I felt like I  needed that song in my life.

Well it’s a great song! How long have you been singing and writing?
I’ve been singing my whole life. I can’t really say an age. I did my first competition when I was 8. I was pretty young. Yeah…I’ve been singing my whole life. I started writing when I was …maybe 12. I started writing songs at home by the piano…I could tell you, they were not good. You have to start somewhere…

Yes, you do. When you write or sing a song, do you ever feel like your acting as a lifeline for those people that you will never meet?
Yeah. It’s kind of exactly like that sometimes. I want people to relate. I want people to feel what I feel….not even feel what I feel….just feel something! I want people to just listen to my songs, and feel something when they listen to my songs.

You’re very young and you haven’t had a whole lot of lifetime experience. Most song writers say they write from experiences that they have encountered in their lives, where does your motivation come from when you write a song?
I’m young, but I write about my life. I do. I write about some friends. Basically what happens in my life. It might not be about what’s happening in my life, but maybe in a friend’s life….and that’s part of my life too. Sometimes someone close to me does something and it’s a great story line, and it would be a great song to write about. So I get inspiration from that. Also if I watch good movies, I can get inspiration, if I listen to other songs….it’s all about the mood I think. When you go into a session and you’re really happy, maybe I will write a happy song today. Sometimes I just feel like I have to write something about this… I love having sessions with other people. I like writing by myself, but I love having other people in the room. I love having people saying what they think, speaking their mind, and just having other opinions.

What do you like best about performing live, and how do you feel on stage?
It’s the best feeling in the entire world. I feel like I can see over the world. I feel like it’s my stage, and no one can take it away from me. Even though it might be 3 minutes, those 3 minutes are mine and I’m gonna sing the hell out of these 3 minutes. Being onstage and singing, and music, is the love of my life. I will always love that more than anything else. Have you seen my logo?

Yes, I have.
It’s like “Wonder Woman ” logo. When I’m on stage I feel like that’s my superpower. That’s what I’m good at. That’s what I love to do. I feel like, “Wonder Wiktoria” when I’m on stage.

If you could do anything in the world for one day, what would you choose?
I love being on stage but, my voice would never be able to hold up for a whole day. I think I would just like to be with my friends. I can’t do a specific thing because I get too bored, so I’d like to be by a lake house or something with my friends. Just a vacation with my friends I think.

If you could say anything to your fans what would you say?
I would just say thank you. Thank you for always supporting me, thank you for listening to my music, and for just being there. I feel like I have my family, and then I have my fans, and they are also my family!

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