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Israeli DJ Guy Scheiman Kicks Off Pride

Guy Scheiman is one of the most successful young DJs on today’s international club scene. He’s also the leading producer and remixer behind some of the world’s biggest stars, like Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. He’s had 10 Billboard #1s, including Gaga’s “Applause,” a track he collaborated on with Danny Verde and Steven Redant of Bent Collective.  

If that isn’t enough, this month he announced he’s launching his own record label, called, what else? Guy Scheiman Music.  

So what does this prolific Israeli-based music man do for a little downtime? He spins parties, of course! Guy Scheiman will be in NYC during Pride week to spin Brian Rafferty’s No Strings Attached party at Cellar Bar.

How will you get the weekend started this Pride? 
If the place is packed, as I expect it will be, I’ll kick it off with high energy and many shifts and turns for an unforgettable night.

It’s being billed as a red light district party. Does that mean clothes will be coming off?
I hope so! I’ll be keeping mine on, though.

Will this be your first NYC Pride?
Yes, it’s my first time! I can’t wait. I love NYC. The people are hot and real, like Israelis in many ways. The city reminds me of Tel Aviv, just much bigger.

Besides N.S.A., where else will we find you this Pride?
My first priority is N.S.A. I wanna rock the party, give the people an amazing time. I also hope to find time with local friends who I miss very much, and yeah, enjoy some of the parties.

How is Pride celebrated in Israel?
Our biggest Pride is in Tel Aviv. It’s like the new Ibiza, attracting tourists from all over the world. The celebrations are basically a week of parties on the beaches and in clubs, with international DJs, performers and all the major festival brands.

What are you most proud of this year?
I’m proud of my work. I’m an independent artist with my own record label, releasing my own remixes and original productions that are all charting on Billboard. Not bad, huh?

Not bad at all. Dance floors are digging your new single, “Alive,” and you just released a remix for Austrian pop/drag star Conchita Wurst for her latest single, “You Are Unstoppable.“ How did you guys connect?
First of all, she’s AMAZING, and I loved the song, but my agent Matt Waterhouse, who’s based in the UK actually, introduced me to Conchita, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her because of her unique style and powerhouse voice.

Was launching your own record label always the goal? 
Yes, it was. I’ve been a remixer and producer, working for other labels, for so long. It’s time to do it on my own.

You will continue to DJ, right?
Before everything else, I’m a DJ.  When I spin, I live. All the rest is bonus. I have several huge gigs coming up, including Sao Paulo Pride, Seoul and Beijing.

Can we get a little personal? 

Single or taken? 

What do you look for?

I’m usually attracted to hot and dark, but not all the time.

Do you believe you can find love on the dance floor?
Love is found in the most unexpected places. You just need to be aware and keep your mind open to it.

Do Israelis love Americans as much as Americans love Israelis?  
Yes. For better or worse, we are bound together like a married couple.

Guy Scheiman headlines Brian Rafferty’s No Strings Attached Pride party at Cellar Bar (40 West 40th St. between 5th & 6th Aves.) on Thursday, June 25, from 10:30 p.m. – 4 a.m.


Charlie Rocafort


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