In an industry we call music that for the most part plays it safe and is formulaic; sometimes an artist will come along and break the rules. Warren Nomi and his alter-ego Nomi Madness ending with a question mark is one of the chosen few.

In his upcoming debut album “TIMEwarped,” you can’t help but bust a move. The productions come from Sweden, Brooklyn, Australia, & Hollywood giving it an International spin on pop. The listener will never be board from the sounds of 80’s, funk, early 90’s, & even Rock. Nomi’s music evokes sounds of early George Michael, Prince, & Savage Garden. “TIMEwrapped” also has a bit of euphoric infused tunes, as well as current EDM and all performed with soulful gender-bending vocals.

With the pen and microphone, this Aquarian doesn’t just write lyrics and sing, he paints dance portraits-of self empowerment, unrequited love, kinky fantasies, and all with vulnerability. Nomi says, “I am all about stay in your head hooks, powerful melodies and strong vocal arrangements. My style is eclectic but I think it all has a certain vibe happening. There’s a happiness that music has lost and I’m trying to bring it back because I want people to come out of the darkness; its OK to chew the bubble gum in music.”

Hardships for creative expression come with the territory of an entertainer, but Warren’s story is quite remarkable. The attitude of this kid is persistence over resistance. It all began in Long Island, New York. He sang in church behind his mother, a singer herself who decided to leave her dreams of fame and fortune behind to raise a family. At the age of three, he was already consumed by his record player & would perform songs by Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston for anyone that would listen.

Warren’s parents put him in competitions, local shows, and even karaoke stands at flea markets to expose his talents. He wowed his audiences with his vocal chops and self choreographed routines. During school time, it was a bit of a different story. In his own words, the singer/songwriter was “tortured for years” being bullied by his peers and even the teachers. He was in trouble with the law for truancy, and refused to attend school. At the age of 14, he fled the Bible belt state of Georgia, his parent’s new place of residence to pursue his love for music back in his hometown of New York. “My parents and most people didn’t really get what I was doing, and I lived a very mis-understood childhood & youth, so I ran away,” exclaims the singer.

After numerous rejections and industry insiders wondering who this un-supervised minor was, Nomi’s persistence would become signature. He held down odd jobs at record stores, restaurants & night clubs to fund his demos. As a reflection of the nightclub scene, he began recording dance music. His earlier dance records such as “French Kisses” & “This Summer I” began getting nationwide radio & club play.

In support of his independent released singles that were creating a buzz, he took his show on the road with club dates in NYC, Jersey, Las Vegas, & Hollywood. While performing in Los Angeles, he decided to stay there permanently to perfect his craft and try to land a record deal with his catalog. He worked as a dancer in music videos for Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and did print modeling. Board and depressed by the cookie cutter & trendy LA lifestyle, he started acting out with full on make-up and heals. Nomi Madness was born.

His EP entitled “Fairy Tales” landed on the desk of LA based dance label Citrusonic Stereophonic Recordings, and Warren was finally signed with his break out single “The Rush.” The Depeche Mode inspired Original Version & 9 Track Remix Package aimed for the clubs remained on the Billboard Dance Charts for over one month. Remixes & support included world renowned DJ’s such as Roger Sanchez, Eddie Amador, Chew Fu, & Zoltan Kontes. “This Summer I” was re-released with a Swedish dance treatment to rave reviews amongst bloggers & dance radio stations. Music videos accompanied both singles.

Given some of the accomplishments and charisma factor, you might think that Warren’s artistic vision was always head on. But you’d be wrong, as even having an image, a voice, and a talent; brick walls were hit along the way.

“I live and breathe music, but I want more. I have financed my own music/videos myself sometimes from cleaning toilets. I feel that my time is now. I’ve been recording dance infused music for a long time when nobody wanted to hear it and now it’s the hottest trend. Sometimes I feel I’m stuck in the wrong time, which is why my album is titled what it is, but I think a lot of people can identify with that. Old school R&B/Disco is coming back now so I think people will love my songs ‘Red Wine Girl’ & ‘Eye Candy.’ I ultimately just want people to dance & enjoy life through music, as my songs happen to be life and death to me.”

The leading single of “TIMEwarped,” “Love Out Loud,” is a charity single benefiting anti-bullying & suicide prevention non-profit organizations.

Check it out on Soundcloud here.