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Broadway musical theater, BMI songwriter, independent recording artist, screen actor, dancer – every now and then a talent comes along who really can do it all, and in the case of the uber-talented gent from Garner, North Carolina, he has got the goods to comfortably ride in the lane! Meet Elgin Giles, now living full time in New York City after hopping a Chinatown bus to the Big Apple…destination worldwide!

It does not take Get Out! mag long to uncover what is hot in town. The tri-state is all abuzz about Elgin Giles, so remember, you heard it here in print first!

Elgin Giles has performed Live Nation music shows with artists such as Pretty Ricky in his hometown of Garner, North Carolina (yes, the same town as 2011 American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery). Elgin has blazed the stage at the North Carolina Theater in productions of Evita, High School Musical and more. His national Playbill credits are massive, and in July Elgin returns for the Equity production of Oliver. Tri-state area fans can catch Elgin Giles at the Westchester’s Broadway Theater as Seaweed J. Stubbs in Hairspray beginning May 3rd.

A Jimmy Awards national finalist, Elgin Giles caught the eye of media giant Clear Channel Radio when they featured Elgin Giles and his self-released EP “Amazing” on iHEART Radio: New Discover & Uncover (emerging artists. emerging music). To fans’ delight, Elgin can be found on Clear Channel websites worldwide.

Elgin Giles takes his charming spirit and pearly smile whereever he goes, and he has the chops to back up his swagger. We first noticed Elgin Giles on the heels of his on-air performance on MNN TV’s “No Boundaries – Up Close & Personal” hosted by Ron B., where his sultry, smooth, rhythmic, Motown-sound, four-octave vocals rang through the studio with a sound that is uniquely his own.

We caught up with Elgin Giles in the land and home of another great artist/actor known for his incredible phrasing and vocal styling: Frank Sinatra’s Hoboken, New Jersey.

Elgin Giles! You are seemingly super busy (and very sexy, might we add), so we are happy to sit down with you and capture your first New York print spread. How are you?

I’m good, and thanks for having me.

Since we saw you last, you have booked several musical theater Broadway plays, have become a LifeBEAT: Hearts & Voices artist, secured a management company, got a feature headlining spot in the Johnny Rocks-produced “Red, White & Boom” tour, and we hear that the award-winning promoter Harry Towers is on your team, and that Billboard chart-topping producer/remixers are on tap for your debut single release. And all of this without a major label!

I am very blessed, and I owe it all to my supporters and fans, who appreciate my work. But can I tell you that I am super excited to be performing at the 3rd Annual Get Out! Nightlife Awards? I’ve heard it is New York dance club meets Vegas at the famed Splash, so I am really looking forward to that! But does “what happens at Splash stay at Splash”?

Absolutely! (wink, wink) How would you describe your sound?

I leave that to my listeners, but I would say smooth R&B with pop dance beats. It’s very honest. I perform my vocals live. I have been influenced by Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Usher, so my music puts you in a mood to love, but with energy you can groove to.

What is the name of your new song, and when can we hear it?

Well, I have my EP “Amazing” on iTunes, Amazon and all of the usual music sites, but I am currently working on my first single release, “Cruisin,” with the Texas duo Klubjumpers and Chicago’s Georgie Porgie. I’m also working on a studio full length of originals. I’m a fan of Smokey Robinson, and am thrilled to have the rights to release “Cruisin.” Remixed with my own flavor, of course.

You are very stylish and have your own “vibe” going on. Who is your stylist?

I love fashion. I am always in the stores! I rock Armani, H&M, Brooks Brothers, Diesel, Urban Outfitters and, of course, gotta have my Ray Bans. You may see me uptown or downtown, so jeans and a tee works too!

You are in the Tyler Perry movie “Good Deeds.” Our readers love to party, but are also very community conscious. I know you are a LifeBEAT artist, and AIDS awareness is important to you. Tell us about the anti-bullying theater project you are involved in.

Yes, I rehearsed in Brooklyn. I work with Concrete Temple Theatre. The touring show advocates anti-bullying while embodying the spirit of live theater for a child audience. I believe we have to start there to instill a culture of positive treatment of all people.

That is so true and fantastic that you use your talent in that way! Can we expect to see you in more films?

Yes, hopefully very soon.

I hate to ask this question, but we have to know. Have you ever been told that you look like Usher, one of your idols?

[laughs] Yes, all the time. We are not related, but you are right, I am a huge fan. But sometimes, when people keep asking, I break out in an Usher song, mid-sentence. I have fun with it. I would love to meet him one day.

What are your top favorite songs right now?

Anything produced by Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music,” Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ In Love,” The Black Eyed Peas’ “The Best One Yet.”

Artists you would most like to tour with?

Usher, Rihanna, Britney Spears, LMFAO, Beyonce, Neyo, Janelle Mon’e.

Boxers or briefs?

Definitely briefs, and in color!

You will never find me without my…?


Well, we can’t end a Get Out! interview without talking nightlife! Where are some fun spots where Elgin Giles hangs out?

I live uptown, and enjoy hangin’ in the Village area with friends. There are so many great clubs and sidewalk cafés. I also frequent Broadway Dance and the gym to keep my cardio tight. These days, I am mostly in the studio or out on auditions.

What would you like your fans to know?

A big “thank you” to my fans for their support of my music! I answer my own Twitter and Facebook. Also join me on my YouTube and visit your local Clear Channel website and like my music. See you at the awards show!

– By Catherine R. Laporte for Get Out!

Elgin Giles Upcoming Performance:
May 5: 3rd Annual Get Out! Nightlife Awards @ Splash, NYC

Management: [email protected]
Twitter: @ElginG

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