Top Model Alert: Ron Russell

There’s a new top model just unleashed to the world. He’s tall, handsome, full of personality, and full to the max inside the underwear he showcased. Wearing rainbow underwear and a navy blue ensemble, he paraded down the runway, celebrating fashion week, and representing Chulo Underwear.

Chulo Underwear creates “clothing that is fun to wear and that raises funds for communities working with marginalized young people”. With each purchase the company donates proceeds to a local community group that services the same youth that they work with.

Enthralled by his oversized package and attracted to his lean physic, both woman and men went crazy for the new man in town. Poised and confident, model Ron Russell, co-host of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, proudly flaunted his supreme package diligently, while wiggling his derriere and loudly proclaiming the fact that he is 77 to the shocked and disbelieving on-lookers.

Discovered by owner Ricardo Muniz while participating in a Pride event, Ron graciously excepted the challenge. Standing 6’3″, lean, and large in the right place for an underwear model, Ron proved to be the hit of the evening, and possibly the star of fashion week.

The premise of Chulo Underwear company hosting this fashion week extravaganza was to promote diversity, providing the public with the fact that the brand is ageless. Apparently so was 77 year old super model, Ron Russell.

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