Tom Goss and his partners in good times — comedic chanteuse Deven Green and music producer Ned Douglas — are soaking in the season in their new single, “Undercover Summer,” a super fun retro pop track that celebrates friends, having fun, and enjoying life together.

“I went to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with Deven and Ned,” explains Tom Goss on the inception of the song. “We knew we wanted to write a big, fun, summery track so we went into the studio. Ned immediately locked into the sound with his incredible bass line. The lyrics poured out of Deven and me and the instrumentation started flying from there!”

The accompanying music video, shot poolside in sunny Palm Springs, matches the song’s steamy summer vibes.  “We got all our closest friends to come by and join us in a pool party,” says Ned Douglas, an audio engineer and keyboardist who has worked with Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Katy Perry, and No Doubt.  “No one wanted to leave.”

“After we had created our summertime feast for the ears and eyes, we thought, why do noses always have to miss out on the fun?” Deven Green adds.

The trio have partnered with Brent Leonesio of to craft an “Undercover Summer” perfume!  The intoxicating blend of coconut oil, suntan lotion, and a light breeze transports fans into the bikini-clad party, giving fans the complete SoCal experience.  “With the Undercover Summer fragrance, we can all smell like the season all year round,” says Green.

Tom, Deven and Ned became fast friends several years ago, when Tom moved full-time to Los Angeles.  The trio started performing live concerts together on Facebook every Friday. “We’re like the movie Threesome but without the benefits,” exclaims Tom.   They’re excited to perform their song live on stages this summer.

Tom Goss’s “Undercover Summer (featuring Deven Green and Ned Douglas)” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms. Visit