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The Monster has been given a  new dress to wear so to speak.  How does this make you feel?
You mean like “Filling the  Shoes” of some Tres’ Vintage  frock?… a worn Valentino… classic of course.
What can you tell us about The  Monster that would surprise  the public?
Circa 1981: The Monster is  currently the longest-running  gay dance bar open seven  nights a week – with its  increasingly diverse clientele. Originally called EL CHICO, a  flamenco supper club since  1930, then in the 1950s a  Middle Eastern club named El  Avram. An amazing legacy to  follow.

The Monster is a well-oiled  machine. what goes into make  that happen?
Owning up, remaining under  control. We are a “hands on”  business with hard work,  a genuine collaboration of  family work ethic.

Throughout the 32 years of  being open, who has walked  through its doors?
Too many to name. The list  remains priceless: film and  stage stars, writers, lawyers,  fashionistas, rich and not so  famous! We welcome them all!

What is The Monster most  known for?
A Cheers-style bar,  neighborhood institute with  a fusion of every vibe, every  scene, every physique, every  taste.

I’ve heard people say the  drag queen with the longestrunning gig in  new York city  is jesse Volt.  is this true?
Jesse Volt is  the ultimate  pro: Always  on time,  no attitude,  drama free  and a genuine  sweetheart.

With the resurge  happening at The Monster, what can  you tell us that  has been the most  shocking?
Connection seekers for real  dialogue. People  talking, dancing  with each other.

Would you say the  establishment is a  cornerstone in the  community?
We have been  told that by  our neighbors, and Senator  Brad Hoylman  concurs.

Where did the name come from?
A turn-of-the-century woodcarved carousel creature from  Coney Island.

With social media playing a big  part in our culture today, how  has it changed  the nightlife  scene?
With a  business  to run,  one can’t  spend the  whole day  tweeting and  chatting on Facebook. Technology has  “de-personalized” the culture,  yet The Monster proudly  remains the connection to  roots. We give cheers to those  champions past!

Tell us about your cocktails  and why they are so special?
Simply “DE-LISH” and booze  so affordable, as Samantha  might say on “Sex in the City.”

What do you look for when  hiring Djs, drag queens and  piano players?
The humble talent potential  that all artists cherish with  The Monster providing the  showcase. And the piano  players are STELLAR!

The memorabilia that covers  The Monster walls is always  changing. why is that?
Mixing it up: Showcasing the  collection, love of beauty,  culture, history. Picassos,  Sicilian bronzes, Lalique  chandeliers, framed posters.  After all we are ITALIAN at  heart!

How many locations of The  Monster were there and where  were they located?
Fire Island, Cherry Grove, Key  West and Manhattan – 80  Grove Street, baby!

I’ve been to The Monster  on the night that Djs lady  Bunny, johnny Dynell and  Michael Formika jones have  played, and ihave to say it was  brilliant. can you tell us how  it makes you feel knowing  you have the caliber of Djs  spinning in your club?
Love and gratitude. After all,  it’s all about the vibe. They’re  getting in sync with the inner  club’s rhythms translates to  the patrons.

What are some of the parties one can find at The Monster?
THE BIG SIX, surprise, surprise.  Daniel Nardicio, Lady Bunny’s  Sunday Tea Dance, Manster,  Hot Rabbit, Tuesdays Retro Fix  and Mondays Sabor Latino! as the Monster sets sail into  2014, what can we expect to  see at The Monster Bar and  club?
BIG crowds, big drinks, variety,  entertainment. Our wellestablished hospitality will  remain the cornerstone in  the Village vortex. Keeping  in mind for our patrons the  relaxation and revelry from  the everyday tension that  seeps into our lives.

Happy anniversary
Monster Bar and Club.  I crown you New York  City’s gayest Dance floor seven nights a  week. Thank you for all  the years of happiness that youv’e given the  LGBTQ community.  Congratulations!

80 Grove St. New York, NY 10014
Best Always, Frankie C [email protected] Model & Monster Bartender: Jeremy Photos By

Frankie C

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