By Mike Bahr

In Between Men, the popular gay drama series, released to iTunes this week. Created by Quincy Morris, directed by Jennifer Gelfer and starring Nick Mathews, Max Rhyser, Ben Pamies and Chase Coleman, the show follows the lives of friends in New York City living “in between” a gay world whose clichés they don’t relate to and a straight world where they don’t belong. At first glance, In Between Men might look like just another gay drama series. However, where the characters in most gay programs live in an insular gay world (eating and breathing the LGBT community), In Between Men depicts gay men who don’t fully subscribe to the practices of mainstream gay society. Dalton, Dane, Jacob and Ben are four attractive, successful men who refuse to be defined by their sexuality. Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, In Between Men examines the relationships they share with one another, their colleagues, lovers and the city of New York. According to Morris, the show offers a more accurate reflection of how the majority of gay men live today. “In Between Men is not a show about men trying to be straight or denying their sexuality,” Morris says. “The characters are proud to love themselves and other men.” Lead character Dalton, played by Nick Mathews, finds little in common with the superficiality of most guys in the city and struggles with a lonely love life. Jacob, played by Max Rhyser, is the artistic, bisexual character. Benjamin Reed, played by Ben Pamies, is the iconic male figure who is oversexed and promiscuous but also intelligent and successful. Dane, played by Chase Coleman, is naïve in love, and his penchant for chasing after bad boys gets him in trouble. The show explores themes everyone, gay and straight, can relate to in life. After all, no matter whom we are, what we are or where we are in life, we’re always someone, somehow and somewhere in between.

In Between Men Season 1 is available on iTunes now for $4.99 from Qubed Entertainment.