I vividly recall the first time I saw Cashetta. Cigarette in hand (it was the 90’s) I walked into the Barracuda in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood with a close friend and we watched her host “Star Search”. Cashetta kept the contestants on their toes and the audience laughing. Even after so many other bars opened or closed, visiting Cashetta on our city trips was then, a necessity. I made her shows in Fort Lauderdale a must see, and when she moved full time to Rehoboth Beach, I got to get to know Scott, the man behind (Cashetta) more intimately. I interviewed him and found a kindred spirit with a biting humor and sarcasm to spare; two qualities that are essential to me. I will miss his shows, his smiles, and our chats; everything about Scott and about Cashetta..was simply magical. 

I knew so many performers, close friends and colleagues would want to share their warmest and most magical memories as well. 

Gusty Winds (Drag Entertainer)-The most important family of all, is the one that you choose for yourself, Cashetta  is my family and she will always be one of my “chosen.

Mona Lotts (Rehoboth Beach DE, Blue Moon hostess)– To try and reduce someone’s life to one sentence or one word is very difficult, but the one word to me that describes Scott is “REAL”! Scott was the same huge personality on the stage and off the stage. What you saw both on and off the stage is what you got!

Shequida (New York City Drag Legend)-The queen of Magic will now be bringing laughter and light to heaven.  I love You Cashetta…forever.

Jo Anna (Comedian and Performer)-What I admired about Cashetta was her work ethics. She had the vaudeville spirit of travelling from town to town and making her gigs work against all odds

Brian Gray (Rehoboth Beach, dear friend) There are so many great moments to share but I have to say, if I had to pick one, it would be a very special time for me last fall. Each year, the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach hosts an amateur drag queen show. Scott, aka Cashetta, insisted I give it a whirl! However, the amateur show happened to take place the same night and time as Cashetta’s show at the Blue Moon. With the help of my very close friends, who happen to perform drag professionally, I prepared for the amateur show. We received word that Cashetta was ending her show a bit early so she could be front and center for my performance( we performed only one number). When it was my time to enter the stage, I looked out and sure enough, there stood Cashetta, front row and a fist full of dollars. She screamed, cheered and showered me in singles. I’ll never forget that special night and my dear friend who ended her show early just to support me in a dream. I miss Scott so very much and will never forget his impact on my life.

Scott Nevins (“The People’s Couch”, Bravo)-Cashetta befriended me when I was in college and would drive down from Westchester into the city to attend Star Search at Barracuda. On my last night of college/first night living in NYC, she asked if I would direct her cabaret show (which featured a then budding, talented queen named Pepper Mint). The crazy experience with this show sealed our friendship forever and I’ve adored her ever since. The last time we worked together was on RSVP cruises and it was as if no time had passed since we last saw one another. Scott was truly one of the nicest people in the world, and such a supportive and generous performer. There are A LOT of performers out there who lost a champion and a friend.

Edie (Drag legend and hostess, Cirque Du Soleil “Zumanity”-To say I am devastated and in shock is an understatement.  Cashetta and I hit the New York scene at roughy the same time and shared countless laughs together over the years. Scott was a true performer. He loved making people happy and you could always see the joy and the truth in his performance.  I always had such great respect for him. To say Scott and Cashetta will be missed is an even greater understatement.

Rick Murray (Crown & Anchor, Provincetown, MA)-It’s with  great sadness that Scott has left us too soon. We worked together for many years at the Crown & Anchor and he was always pleasant, caring, hard working and was always part of our family here at the Crown. We will miss him and our condolences to his family and many close friends!

Jiggly Caliente (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 contestant)-Cashetta, sweet as pie introduced me on how to network on drag. She introduced me to one person that helped me boost my career in NYC, Laritza Dumont.  For that my dear, I am in debt to you for life; for your kindness and willing to help a babydrag out.

Roxy Overbrooke (Rehoboth Beach, DE Blue Moon Spotlight Cast Member )-Scott/ Cashetta  was one of the most talented, hilarious , real, and kind people I have ever had the pleasure  to call friend! While we are deeply  saddened by his sudden passing, I know Scott left such a positive mark on everyone he came in touch with. He leaves us with a legacy of Love and Laughter  to last us an eternity.

Pamala Stanley (recording artist, Rehoboth Beach performer)-What can I say about my friend Cashetta? He was a true joy bringer, smart as all get out, fast on his feet, a consummate professional, so very warm, disciplined, and an absolute sweetheart. My heart is hurting and I will miss him everyday. I just can’t imagine this world without him.  I guess heaven needed a few good laughs.

Anthony LaMont-(New York City Drag Performer)-Cashetta-An amazing artist/entertainer that has made an inspirational, memorable mark in the entertainment industry! This world was blessed to have Cashetta on this earth and now has moved on to a Greater Spot Light. Thank God for Sharing you Cashetta!

Robin Byrd (The Robin Byrd Show)– Sending STRENGTH and blessings to all who knew Cashetta and encountered her talents over the years of her life. She will always be remembered as one of a kind . She is now another one of our angels looking down on us from the rainbow bridge. R.I.P.

JC Alvarez (EDGE National Nightlife Editor)- It’s always sad when such a luminary is lost to us, but what a gift and legacy is being left behind. The magic that was uniquely Cashetta may be lost on the drag spectrum, but imagine all the children that have been inspired by this talent and the memories that we’ll all cherish. That’s forever — there will only always be one sunset, one sunrise, one Cashetta.

Marti Gould Cummings (New York City Drag Performer)-I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Cashetta. She was an incredibly gifted queen who weaved together the art of drag and magic together seamlessly educating young queens like myself how to hold ourselves with dignity and professionalism. This is a sad day for our community.

Jennifer McLain (Fort Lauderdale Entertainer)-Cashetta actually gave me my first show at Alibi. She was traveling every so often with the cruises and such, and was having difficulty finding acceptable replacements for her shows there. And by acceptable I mean she told me that every time she’d go away, all of her fans would email and message her about how they missed her and the replacement wasn’t her, etc, etc. When she came back from the cruise, she told me it was one of the first times nobody complained LOL!  When she went to Vegas the first time, I was hired full time and have been there ever since. So I’ve always been thankful that her audiences didn’t hate me!

Barry Browder (Wilton Manors VJ)-Everyone loved Cashetta, Thousands of us got to see her perform her amazing acts live, lots of us got to spend time with her, a handful select got to know Scott. I am grateful that I could call Scott my friend. I miss you Kermen.

Scott Ross/Miranda Bryant (Rehoboth Beach DE, Blue Moon Spotlight Cast Member) -He was a true fun spirit and I enjoyed styling wigs for him.  He will be deeply missed.

Tim Ragan/Randy Haney (Blue Moon DE owners)-Many of Cashetta/Scott Weston’s legion of friends and fans may not know that Scott had become a Delaware resident and often said that he finally found home when he came to reside in Rehoboth Beach. I will always remember his phone call on his way back from the Motor Vehicles after getting his new drivers license “Gurrrl, you are talking to Delaware’s newest resident.” Scott found a home and we found an amazing friend, entertainer and champion of the Blue Moon and Rehoboth Beach.

Raven O (Drag Icon)-Cashetta was one the most warmest queens I have even known I can’t remember a single time when she wasn’t friendly and warm and just amazing. I never saw a ugly side or a bad day; she was the real deal, honest and a good person I will miss her.

Sherry Vine (New York City Drag Icon) -I was roommates with Cashetta for a year when I returned from Berlin and she was working on a magic trick where a dove appears from a burst of fire. Don’t believe anyone when they say dove tastes just like chicken! So much fun- so many memories!

John Flynn (Rehoboth Beach, DE performer)-Scott was truly “one of a kind”. He made us all laugh with his razor sharp wit. He mesmerized us with his magic skills & musical talent. Plus, he gave back & supported so many in the community. He was so encouraging. He said he’d found a home here-well he surely found a home in our hearts forever.

Keith Price (co-host “The Jolt” Sirius XM)- Cashetta was not only talented, but she was so great to so many people that I am glad to be in that number. She is beloved and will be missed  by us all.  RIP

Laritza DuMont (NYC Drag Entertainer)-The times we worked together Cashetta was such a sweetheart. A talent in it’s own, there is no replacement. R.I. P. my sister.

Candis Cayne (Drag Legend, Trans Trailblazer)– It saddens me that Cashetta has passed. it’s weird to process that kind of thing, but I guess I could say that from the moment I met her, she was always full of laughter and fun and always a truly genuine friend.  I didn’t get to see her very often, she will be missed greatly.

Pepper Mint (New York City Drag Entertainer)-Cashetta literally helped me find my voice; she took me under her wing and with that, changed the trajectory of my life forever. I regret that I didn’t take the time to clearly express my gratitude to her.

Miss Coco Peru (Actress, Drag Icon)- I’m heartbroken to hear the very sad news that my funny, talented, kind friend Cashetta Scott Weston has left us. I will never forget the first time I saw you on a magazine cover in South Florida and I thought “A drag queen magician? Now this I have to see!” How lucky I was to not only see you perform, but to meet you years later and work and sing with you on the cruises we did together. How much luckier I was to get to know the wonderful person you were offstage as well as on. The laughs we shared, the heart to heart talks, the support we offered each other, and those late night giggles! I have been blessed for so many years to be a part of a community of so many creative people and Cashetta was one of my favorites. Scott, you gave me and your audiences the gift of laughter, wonder, and a moment in time to believe in magic.

Jackie Beat (Drag Icon, Comedy Writer)- Yes, it’s sad that Cashetta is gone, but I will say this; she left this mortal coil doing what she loved most: Entertaining people. And that is all any of us can really ask for.  Cashetta, (I NEVER call my drag queen friends by their boy names), I will miss your magic…

Misty Eyez (Fort Lauderdale FL Drag Performer)-Not only was Cashetta a LEGEND but she was also a SISTER  a FRIEND – and an INSPIRATION!   She will be GREATLY MISSED

Miss Richfield 1981 (Drag Comedian)- So my last Cashetta memories couldn’t be more appropriate, as my dear friend and I spent time together in Puerto Vallarta attending each other’s shows and taking the city bus to shop at Wal-Mart.  Fortunately the day before I left, we grabbed a last-minute lunch. But our normal 2-hour gabfest was cut short because Cashetta had to hang up her show posters, which were misprinted. So the last vision I have is the two of us giggling at this most obvious and hilarious mistake, knowing it was going to be posted all over town!  What a wonderful last memory. I know she’d think so too; I’ll miss you girl!

Lady Bunny-(D.J., Drag Icon)- I can’t quite describe what a true friend she was to me, and probably to every person she ever worked with. Drag queens aren’t always supportive sweethearts, but Cashetta was. The bitch even took days to teach me how to learn how to use a computer in her East Village apartment–so you can now blame her for all my FB diatribes. Big, brassy, sassy, funny, talented and kind are how I’ll remember my dear friend. I loved Cashetta, but I hate magic! I just know there’s a trick, but I just can’t figure it out. Some of her initial attempts at magic weren’t so great so I urged her to add some comedy to her act until her slight of hand improved. But look at her now–she’s done the ultimate disappearing act. I wish that were a trick she’d return from.

Cazwell (Recording Artist)- People gravitated towards Cashetta because she was a natural star in the couldn’t be denied.  Cashetta genuinely impressed me as a person on more than one occasion. She was the first drag queen I met when I moved to New York City and I was lucky enough to score a job as a cocktail waiter at Barracuda in Chelsea. She was the host of Star Search at the time.  She proved herself to be a loyal friend not necessarily to me, but I remember one time she was having a friendly conversation with someone she just met at the bar and during that conversation the person started talking shit about Joey Arias and calling her a diva. Rather then just professionally brushing it off, Cashetta said “listen you don’t know Joey Arias Joey Arias is a star and has worked with absolutely everyone under the sun and she’s to be respected and I know I just met you, but don’t start talking shit about my friends.”

T-Boy (NYC Performer)-I am truly saddened.  Cashetta is a true New York icon.  As host of Star Search at Barracuda, she gave me and several young performers a platform to be as different as possible, she was a huge proponent of that!  To you, Scott, I say thank you

Scott Cirlin (Scott’s best friend of thirty years and Cashetta’s biggest fan)-

A lot of people know Cashetta, but a much smaller group of people knew Scott.He lost his mother at 12 years old, pretty devastating for any gay kid. We lost his father when we turned 17.  My family became his and the clothes in the basement my mom saved for the cleaning lady, became the foundation of Cashetta’s wardrobe. If anyone had a right to complain about getting a raw deal early in life, it was Scott. But he never wallowed in sadness, or said “woe is me.† Humor was his oxygen, and it got him through every day. Over 29 years, we circled the globe, sometimes living in the same city, sometimes on total opposite sides of the country, but no matter where we physically were, we were always close.  I’ll miss Cashetta the entertainer, but most of all, I’ll miss my best friend, Scott Weston. And my mother is still not over the time he wore her wedding dress to the Tunnel Club.

Georgie’s Alibi, Wilton Manors FL
Wednesday, April 1 at 9:00pm
New York City and Rehoboth Beach, DE tribute TBA