” Sold Out At Radio City Music Hall”

Hilarious, hysterical and humble, Tru Tv’s “Impractical Jokers”, the compelling Messiahs of Comedy, appeared on the iconic stage of ” Radio City Music Hall”, in one of 3 SOLD OUT shows, each holding a seating capacity of 6,015 fans.

Quickly gaining popularity, as fanatics flock to see them on their “Where’s Larry Tour”, throughout the country, the 4 longtime best friends will be starting their 5th television season this February, as they continue to “Dare” one another to commit the most insane capers, with the ultimate, most embarrassing, and sometimes life altering punishments to match.

I’ve been fortunate to have seen The Jokers many times, laughed until my mascara ran down the sides of my cheeks, but tonight they out did themselves. Funnier than ever, if that’s possible, the 4 relentlessly and unceasingly caused the audience to laugh beyond human dimensions.

James “Murr” Murray made it a point to remind the crowd that they are exactly the same in real life as on stage, which I found from meeting and interviewing them several times, to be a vast understatement. There is no doubt in the minds of their  fans, that  the troop presents much more than 4 guys who appear on television, but rather 4 personal friends to all.

Using the support of videos, they jarred the memories of the congregation with excerpts from the show, of “Murr” the skydiving ferret, Sal and Joe vivaciously making out….with one another, and pictures of their battle scars in the form of permanent tattoos, earned via Joe Gatto’s punishment. The 4 each took turns telling stories about one another, as well as themselves. We were treated to “Murr’s” experience as he told the story of the time he pooped in his pants, and Joe made sure everyone in their hotel knew, and the saga of Brian “Q”Quinn’s cats, and how he sadly lives alone.  Their grand finale consisted of a video of “Murr” ingesting dog poop in exchange for $300.

However, they  did not leave the stage without a soulful and heartwarming thank you to their fans. Many artists are truly thankful for their followers, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it or felt it as personally as I did tonight from my friends, and everybody’s buddies, The Jokers. The show ended when they summoned their nieces and nephews up to the grand stage, while still constantly thanking the fans for their support.

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Eileen Shapiro
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