At Least in Miss Universe.

Steve Harvey was more than lucky that it was Miss Universe he was hosting and not Miss Fire Island or any other Drag pageant, as he announced the wrong winner of the historic, world wide and viewed television show. The live broadcast turned into a chaotic phenomenon seconds after Harvey told the world that Miss Colombia took the title and then awkwardly corrected himself to the horror and dismay of those at home as well as those on stage.

Within seconds of enjoying the shining disbelief of winning the ultimate title of Miss Universe, her dreams were smashed into oblivion as the crown was so cruelly taken from Miss Colombia and handed to the rightful winner, Miss Philippines, who stood holding her flowers feeling worse for her fellow opponent, then reveling in her win. The shock on their faces as well as the confusion was appalling and painful. If it had been a Drag Pageant Harvey would have been physically bleeding and suffering from a lot more than embarrassment.

Those enjoying the Get Out!/Barrage Holiday Party at Barrage couldn’t contain their emotions as they watched in sheer terror as Harvey tried desperately to correct his unforgivable mistake. This dilemma will be spoken of for years to come, and I’m sure there isn’t a soul in the world that would trade places with Steve Harvey tonight!