Welcome everyone to the 2015 Get Out! Magazine Awards extravaganza, a celebration of the talents and accomplishments of our community’s entertainers, bars, clubs, queens and nightlife.  Slated to be held on Monday, June 1, at 8:30 p.m. at the all new Boots and Saddle (7th Ave. in West Village) in New York City, a perfect kickoff for the Pride Month, this year’s ceremonies and entertainment promise to be the most exciting, electrifying and extravagant yet. Get Out! will be proudly featuring headlining celebrities as well as our community’s favorites and finest.

We are proud to announce this year’s hostess, the award-winning, spectacular Honey Davenport, and the beautiful, talented, title-holding Yuhua Hamasaki, as well as handsome host Alex Hermoso. Robbyne Kaamil and Charles Winters from; Samara Riviera of; and popular entertainer Tym Moss will be covering the red carpet event portion of the awards. Music will be supplied by the amazing, ever-popular DJ Steve Sidewalk.

Featured performers include recording pop and EDM artist Cheyenne Elliot, the granddaughter of Dionne Warwick and cousin of the late Whitney Houston; the animated recording artist and “Out” star Derek Bishop, performing songs from his newest release, “Superstar”; pop artist Alicia Madison; famous comedian Jiggy, who is currently touring with The Impractical Jokers; recording artists and collaborators of the century Ryan Skyy and Niki Darling; and world-renowned cabaret queen MargOH! Channing. Also headlining will be new R&B pop star Ricky Jarman; artist Johnny Silver; our own Lovari; as well as the best in drag, including Victoria Chase, Coco DeBall, Jade, Nikki Fierce, Kashi Golean and the Boots and Saddle queens. Not to mention the talented Glamazons, Terra Grenade, Mimi Carey, Brenda Dharling and Frosty Flakes.

All of them in addition to our presenters, which will include stars and producers of the brand-new television series “People You Know” Baltimore Russel and John Dylan. Very special guests and recipients of Get Out! Magazine awards will be two people who need no introduction: TV celebrity Robin Byrd and Gary Cosgrove, president of the Imperial Court of New York. They will be honored with these prominent awards for their charity work and selfless support of the gay community through the years. We will also have a very special guest, world-renowned comedian Pam Ann. See the full line up of presenters, performers and special guests on the awards page in this issue.

Please feel free to vote for your favorites at, and join us on June 1 at 8:30 p.m. for the lavish festivities.