Temporary Hero

“No Boundaries to the Sound”

An intriguing personality and a genre “Chameleon”, recording artist Temporary Hero explores everything from techno, club, dance music to his new release “Chet”, an EP tribute to jazz master “Chet Baker”.

Temporary Hero became noticed when his song “Wild Joy” feat. Jason Walker,  appeared on the Billboard Club Charts earlier this year. He then did a complete turn about and decided to pay tribute to “Frank Sinatra” and Bing Crosby” and most recently “Chet Baker”. The album takes the iconic jazz riffs of Baker and adds vocals, synth and a depth of emotion, making them seem relevant to today.  In between these his album “Sunset People”, featuring the MTV hit “Circus”, focused on futuristic, current, pop music.

From Portland, Temporary Hero began making underground club recordings, and then began reaching  new heights when writing contemporary dance tracks,  until reaching the top 20 on the Billboard charts.

Jonah Bell, the soul behind Temporary Hero has been called, “an artist’s artist”.  On his Facebook page is a song called “Don’t  Make Me Forget”, “a tribute to his father, and his sons”. He admits to having written it a few days before the anniversary of his dad’s death, and the birth of his new son. It is a pop song with a very heavy message, and again very different than his other recordings.

His latest release, “Chet” contains 9 tracks. It begins with a friendly up beat song,” My Buddy”, and finishes with “My Funny Valentine”, a song you might be familiar with. The album also comes with a website sharing a visual experience dedicated to the project. (www.chet baker.rocks), which is a very cool and different creation.  I’m not a big fan of jazz, however the album does hold my interest and if you do like jazz, this is an essential purchase. It’s relaxing, sexy, and flavorful.

Bell has also recorded two other albums  not yet released. The only thing that is known about the albums set to be released shortly is the code name is #warhol.

My favorite however is “Wild Joy” and can be viewed on YouTube. It’s purely an epic example of true dance music. It’s thriving, explosive and now!

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