By Michael Wright

Addicted Celebrates 10 Sizzling Years with
‘Heatwave’ Collection

Addicted is celebrating 10 steamy years with its hot new “Heatwave” swim collection.

Founded in 2009, Addicted has dedicated itself to the manufacturing and design of men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear. The Addicted brand emphasizes comfort, fun and excitement for the male form in its fashions. It is always setting trends and pushing the envelope in style and sexiness, bringing an extra dimension to the variety of activewear for men.

We spoke with Nir Zilberman, the U.S. representative of the brand.

Models:  Alfred Herrera, Albert Robles, Stefan Adler, Nasos Lakafosis
Photos by Alejandro Brito

Congratulations on 10 years of Addicted!
Thank you! Addicted started out as the naughty little sister brand of ES Collection, but through the years has gained an identity all its own.

How would you describe this summer’s “Heatwave” collection?
Muy Caliente! [laughs] Once again, this summer’s swimwear collection features bright colors with one-of-a-kind prints and tongue-and-cheek designs. It’s meant to playful, fun and, yes, a bit racy, but also sporty, stylish and designed to last, so guys can enjoy the summer sun to its maximum.

The collection is bolder than ever.
Addicted has never been known for subtle details, and this summer’s collection of swim gear is certainly no exception to that rule.

When creating the collection, do designers consider shock value?
Not exactly. All gear is designed with fashionable gay men in mind. They are intended for guys who feel good about themselves, are comfortable with their bodies and are daring enough to flaunt it. As a men’s fashion label, materials and craftsmanship are top priority, even more so than shock value.

Addicted is known for its tailored fit.
More time is put into the sewing of each piece so that they are built to last, even through the roughest summer play. The suits are tailored to fit every body type perfectly.

Addicted’s “Heatwave” collection is sold directly at, as well as at select retail partners worldwide.