The hottest night of the week is College Night, Tuesdays at BPM, masterfully maneuvered via promoters Steve Sidewalk and Dougie Meyer, the brains behind this ongoing, extremely awesome event. DJ Stevie Sidewalk, who recently won Get Out! magazine’s “Club DJ of the Year Award” – supplies the sounds of the night. Together they provide a place for young gay nightlife to call home, filled with events and celebs, dancing and entertainment, all night long.

Gay College Tuesdays at BPM has proven to be one of the club’s longest-lasting parties. It hosts more than 400 college boys each week with a sexy lineup of dancers, rotating hosts like Shequida, Chaka Convict and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez, and of course Dougie Meyer and DJ Steve Sidewalk. It is also the largest 18+ dance party in the tri-state area, with college boys driving even up to four hours just to come. Each week they have a $100 hot body contest, where boys fight to show who has the best sexiest body and dance moves that night.

Dougie Meyer:

Dougie, you recently relocated to D.C., where you are managing Town, yet you still come back to this Tuesday party in NYC. Why is that? Any plans to bring GCT to D.C.?
D.C. has been great! It’s really a fun scene out there. Much more laid back, but I do love NYC. There is nothing like it, and our college party is really worth the trip. It’s just such a high-energy crowd! Town actually already has an established 18+ Friday night. However, I have already brought Steve down as a guest and have him spinning some upcoming dates soon!

How did the college night originate?
It started at Splash. We started it in December of 2012 and quickly developed a huge following for it. We were well known for our use of the Splash showers. Once the club closed in August of 2013 we were lucky because the crowd has been very loyal and followed us to XL, which became BPM. It’s been quite a journey.

What’s it like working with Steve Sidewalk?
He is great. We really work well together, and both have been in this business for over 12 years. He also is very creative and forces me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do, like hosting the hot body contest in my underwear only, or doing it in drag, which is about to happen soon. God help me.

How long have you been promoting?
I was actually a history school teacher when I first moved to New York.  But I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. Nightlife was my true calling. I first started working as a door host and quickly moved my way up to managerial roles and in-house promotions. Even though I moved to D.C., I still plan to do things clearly in NYC, but [other] cities as well like New Orleans and even the West Coast.

What’s your favorite thing about college night?

It really is the loyal customers. They really keep us going. Their energy and appreciation of this party is really unmatched. I seriously won’t come all the way up from D.C. for just anybody. Oh yeah, and the boys are hot. We really do have a good-looking crowd.

DJ Steve Sidewalk:

You are clearly not a teenager any more, so why do you promote and DJ an 18+ party?
Well, I’ve been spinning college nights for over 15 years. I really love the 18+ crowd because they really have their pulse on the music. They know what’s hot even two months before it explodes in the mainstream. I feel as a DJ they keep me on my toes with knowing the latest new trends in music.

Do you feel worried you will only be seen as a college DJ?
Actually, I do a wide variety of events. I like being able to spin for different “sub-genres” of the gay scene. Like, I recently have been spinning for the Furball events for the bear community, which has been amazing. I’ve done ‘80s and ‘90s nights. I’ve spun house on Fire Island and EDM when I did Electropop at BPM. I like to diversify myself. Also, since I’ve been DJing for 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have people follow me for that time frame. So now I can do 30-something parties too, but I am forever 29!

What is it like working with Dougie Meyer? 

Dougie is really a lot of fun and truly a good, honest person. He was the first promoter to actually believe I was capable of spinning the main floor of Splash. We did a fun party together for two years on Sundays at Splash with Lady Bunny. Then before I knew it I was doing the main floor at Splash Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! We also just work well together, and we USUALLY don’t fight over the same boys!

What is one of your greatest memories so far with this party? 
By far having Nick Jonas come and guest host. He was a great sport and totally stripped for the crowd while standing on the bar. It was amazing that we not only made it on every gossip magazine, but also on TMZ’s TV show! It still blows my mind that Harvey of TMZ said the name of our party on the TV show! Mind blown!

To what do you attribute most for the success of your long-lasting party?
Honestly, it’s really our loyal customers. We couldn’t do it without them. I have more loyal repeat regulars at this party than any other. Week after week I am always so excited to DJ for them. As Dougie mentioned earlier, the energy of this crowd is just so great. Also, we have such a great team from management to our light and sound technicians and our dancers and bartenders. It’s a family vibe. Everyone’s happy to be there.


512 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036