Award-winning writer/director, Tonnette Stanford and her sister, Victoria Stanford, are the queer filmmakers behind an exciting new LGBT web series on YouTube now.


Love Bytes – the web series is an eight-part sitcom centred around three housemates and their dating disasters, in and around the sordid world of online dating. Michael is looking for a long-term, cashed-up man, Jade is on the prowl for sexy ladies, whilst Stacey struggles to figure out where she sits on the sexuality sliding scale. Join them on their crazy adventures of finding their perfect match.




Tonnette and Victoria have a very distinct style in the queer filmmaking space and their previous films have screened at over 180 festivals around the world and received international acclaim. To make Love Bytes a reality they have gathered together a talented team of AFTRS graduates and NIDA trained actors, including gay actors, Adriano Cappelletta, Billie Rose Prichard, Bec Irwin and Dave Halalilo.


Tonnette says: “I have wanted to make a queer web series for a long time and there are so many fantastic queer dating stories out there that I felt compelled to write a web series that features dating from a lesbian and gay perspective.


I love making films, especially outrageous, over-the-top, lesbian and gay comedies. LGBT audiences are always so receptive of queer material and there is a genuine hunger for it. We’re often denied dignity on screen in the way we’re represented, so I felt it was important for me to get out there and continue to tell our stories to the wider community, particularly those that are unique to the queer perspective.”


Victoria says: “In order to make more episodes, we need to prove we have an audience, so we really want to encourage people to subscribe on YouTube, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.


This series is the result of a massive team effort and you can see that by the quality of the production values, the brilliant acting and the entertaining and relatable storylines. I am excited about Love Bytes because I feel there is so much to be said about our community on screen. The show is fun, sexy and hilarious. There’s a lot of situations in there that will be very familiar to audiences and we hope that they can have a good laugh at the absurdity of the queer dating world that we’ve all been through!”


WHAT: Love Bytes – the web series




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