Paradise is thrilled to have you join us on August 2nd! Have you ever been to Jersey before? What can the boys of Asbury Park expect?
Thanks I’m excited! I’ve been to Jersey before, but not for an extended amount of time.. Just in and out.. Lol.. You expect that you are gonna go on a little journey for however long I’m on that stage. You will be intrigued, dazzled, and filled with excitement and emotion!  Too much? LOL

Many of your fans have been with you since your times in South Florida, be it at the Beer Garden in Wilton Manors or down in South Beach. What are some of your favorite memories about your times down in Florida?
WELL.. Everyone knows that I love South Beach! I miss engaging and interacting with my Palace audience! It’s one the most magical places to entertain for so many reasons.  Mostly because it is a restaurant/bar and a huge tourist attraction, we see people from all over the world. Doesn’t matter about gender,age, or sexuality.

You’re song “The Chop ” was a huge hit for both you and Manila Luzon, your partner doing “All Stars”. We saw the video at every gay bar around! Any thoughts on going back into the studio for some more music?
You know? Ya never know… At this moment and time however, I’m really busy working on my own projects.  I have couple of really hot singles coming out.  Very excited about that.

Your “lip synch for your life” performances of Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight & The Pips songs were complete and total show-stoppers. Who are some other artists that you love to perform? Anyone on your wish list that you would love to perform with?
I also love performing Jennifer Holliday, Patti LaBelle..etc. as far as sharing the stage with someone… That’s a tough one! Tyler Perry as Madea and me as her sister would be a dream come true!!

Your style of drag is very classic and true to tradition, but staying current as well. Queens like Sharon Needles and Jinx Monsoon are definitely ushering in a new era of drag. What are your thought on the past and the future styles of drag?
Very true! I AM A OLD SKOOL GAL! I hold the traditions of my generation because they are so necessary in today’s world of drag. I welcome the new pioneering efforts of Jinkx and Sharon because as you stated it is a “NEW” way of thinking.  Evolution is key to survival and although I have old school values, it doesn’t mean you can’t evolve.

When Latrice is taking a break between jet setting and performing for all of your fans, what can we find you doing to unwind?
Well before I got this really amazing new guy in my life, i would be catching up on my DVR at home.  Now I’m making every effort to see him, since my schedule is so cray cray. Lol

What’s next for Latrice Royale?
Well, I’m working on my new singles as well as some other projects that we just have to sit back and see where they lead!

Latrice Royale will be performing at Paradise in Asbury Park on August 2nd, 2013, tickets $20.00, showtime 8:00 p.m.
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