The breathtaking vocals of dance/pop superstar Reina will be showcased at The Pennysaver Amphitheatre on July 2 at Party 105’s Freestyle Explosion 20Sixteen in Selden, New York. But it doesn’t end there.

Celebrated for her songs “Find Another Woman,” “No One’s Gonna Change You” and “If I Close My Eyes,” Reina is currently working on some exciting new projects back in the studio. Get Out! was honored to be able to speak with Reina about her future intensions, as well as her past victories.

The lively, spirited songstress was candid and funny and still extremely humble and appreciative of her career and talents.

So you’re a busy girl, starting with The Freestyle Explosion on July 2.
It’s a big music festival, freestyle jam, that they have there, and they have extended it to myself and Kim, who are more of the dance/pop genre. I’m also doing a lot of traveling, I’m doing a lot of performances, Prides and in clubs, and I’m back in the studio as well. Things have just had such a resurgence. I’ve never stopped performing, but it’s just been really big time now. It’s really great. It’s great to see the fans coming out, new ones and old ones, and everybody just having a great time. It’s nice to see the fun come back in music.

Yeah, there was definitely something musically missing. The fun sounds about right.
It was sad. You would go to a club, and the only thing you would hear is just dance mixes from the radio as opposed to new songs and introducing people to new producers, new artists. It was just the same thing you would hear, just with the new mix. There was nothing exciting to hear, so why spend your money and go out? But, it’s coming back, the vibe is definitely coming back. It’s beautiful to see people actually coming out and enjoying themselves.

So can you outline for the readers where you will be and what you will be doing this summer?
On the 26th I will be sitting in on the Dance Factory on Party 105. July 2 I’m going to be at Tropics and The Pennysaver.

I love freestyle.
It’s fun. Back in the day when we did it with KTU, I was a part of the new school segment that they had, which was myself, Deborah Cox—always in that new school thing. But they would always close out the night with freestyle artists. It’s such an honor to be on the stage with these people, especially for TKA to say, “We would like Reina to be with us.” I’ve known these guys since I’ve started. They are just the classiest, most respectful people ever. I listened to their music when I was younger, and I loved their voices. The first time I saw them was at the Apollo. My mom let me stay up late to watch them. Four years later I did back up for Corinna, and then everything kind of spun from there. It was kind of nice that there was a handful of people from the new-school genre that they respected enough to want with them. I feel honored to be one of the people that were chosen. I really think that they are great people. I’ve met a lot of them. I had a chance to meet Sweet Sensation, which I love. They sound amazing, they look amazing. It’s just electrifying to see everybody on stage. The 16th I’m doing a big fundraiser in Staten Island for Big Ang. The 22nd I’m out at Tiki on Staten Island. The 23rd I’m doing a private party. Then I’m heading back into the studio with Escape to do something that I wrote. And also I’m back in the studio with one of the producers and co-writers of “Just Let Go.” I’m very excited. I’m performing, I’m back in the studio.

That July 2 show is going to be a really big deal.
Yes, it is! I’m really excited, and the fact that Party 105 is there, Vic Latino will be DJing. There are a lot of people that are involved in it.

I love Vic, actually.
Vic actually broke my very first record, “Find Another Woman,” at party when he was the music director. You know how they all get a crop of new songs, and he looked at me and said, “That’s the one.” It just took off from there. There were a couple of radio stations that thought it was too gay, and wouldn’t play it on regular radio.

That was the whole bad story behind the scenes. For me, love is love, a person is a person. You like music, you like what I’m doing, I’m there for you. When they said that, I said, “Are you kidding me?” If it’s a good song, and it’s playing everywhere, why wouldn’t you support it? So time went on, and the song just became so bona fide, they couldn’t avoid it. The song just took on a life of its own. Still to this day it’s like my Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive.”

Then, after that, what came next?
Then I had done “No One’s Gonna Change You.” There were like five million people that worked on the production of the song. John Kano wrote the song. We were in Miami, and I was having a moment meltdown with this guy that I was seeing. One of my friends wanted me to come down to the studio and told me that Don wanted to see me. So I went, and he played the song on guitar. I was on the verge of tears, and I said, “This is me.” That’s another one that’s stood the test of time. Both songs are so special.

I feel like all of your songs stood the test of time.
You know what, I feel very honored and blessed to have real writers that were really in tune with me. Everything that I recorded has a piece of me. I need to feel a connection. For me as a vocalist, my lyrics, that’s how I have to convey my emotion to you. I have to feel it. If I don’t feel it, I can’t sing it. I enjoy the “get up and shake your ass” kind of songs. I love those songs, but I don’t know if I can convert that. I’m such a deep, emotional person. I need songs and words in my life that can really tell you how I’m feeling. When I hear songs that have deep meaning, that’s when I connect to it, that’s when I can really deliver.

Vocally, I think that you can deliver anything.Thank you! I feel truly blessed.