“I have a hard time showing people my true self,” admits out singer Kenyth Mogan.    I have to trust a person implicitly before I let them into my personal space.  I’m someone who either trusts immediately or not at all.”  He sings about it in his new song, “Real Me“.
Produced by Wild, the song about revealing his true self to his lover is a return to the bubble-gum, pop sound fans loved in Mogan’s “Unlock Your Heart” .  That song’s music video recently passed one million views on Youtube.

 “I would describe ‘Real Me‘ as Katy Perry meets Mika,” Mogan continues.  “It is fun, but also introspective. I played a big part in writing this track, which is very important to me. My goal as an artist is to continuously grow and get better with each new song.” 
Fans will notice Kenyth Mogan is sporting a new do these days.  He recently died his hair purple and blue.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now,” he explains. “It’s a piece of the real me, for right now, anyway. I’m always changing, always evolving.  Why shouldn’t my hair do the same?”
Kenyth Mogan’s “Real Me” will be available on iTunes on Monday, March 6.  Hear it now on Soundcloud.  Follow Kenyth on Facebook.